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Here you will find all my creative explorations in the field of Art Journaling and Mixed Media.
Results from the online classes I take from fabulous teachers and my own explorations of art materials.
My own original work is mostly accompanied by in process pictures that serve as a mini tutorial.
Some of my original art work can also be bought. I love the proces of making but simple do not have enough space to keep everything I make.

I mostly sell via special Facebook groups. If you see anything you like you can always contact me via the contact form or sign up for my newsletter.

If you are on Facebook you can also follow my special art facebook page.

I also love to help you on your way of creating beautiful things or just finding a new hobby. If you live close to Leidschendam, the Netherlands you can do a live art play or workshops with me. I will do this mainly in Dutch, but english workshops can be provided.
I so hope I can infect you with my art work.

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Greetings Carla


art journal 54

TOP 2000 Blog Party day 7

December 31, 2017

  DAY 7: december 31 2017 The final day of this years Top 2000 blog party. Again fabulously organised by Marit Barentsen from Maritspaperworld. You can see al the entries from all the different artists in the blog post on her blog. So many people joined this year. I myself did not have much time…

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TOP 2000 Blog Party day 6

December 30, 2017

  DAY 6: december 30 2017 I did not have much time to make something for this day with all the activities from Popchoir Focus. So for today only one quicky entry for the Top2000 blog party Here is: nr 430 Photograph by Ed Sheeran A simple page made with collage and lyrics with a…

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TOP 2000 Blog Party day 5

December 29, 2017

  DAY 5: december 29 2017 Only three more days to go in this Top2000 blog party. Here is: nr 857 Tequila Sunrise by Eagles Made with acrylic paint, white gesso and copic and other markers. nr 735 Rain down on me from Kane A collage on blue acrylic paint and lyrics with markers. See…

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TOP 2000 Blog Party day 4

December 28, 2017

DAY 4: december 28 2017     Already day 4 of the Top 2000 blog party. nr 992 Scarborough Fair by Simon & Garfunkel Made a collage of a pictures from a painting, lyrics and herbs. Added some watercolor paint and text. Today I made only one page. Maybe more tomorrow.

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TOP 2000 Blog Party day 3

December 27, 2017

DAY 3: december 27 2017         nr 1495 Time after time by Cindy Lauper Made a collage of stopwatches on a black gesso background. Added some stickers with lyrics and some pink splatter with a posca pen.         nr 1487 Dynamite by Mud Made a collage of a girl…

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TOP 2000 Blog Party day 2

December 26, 2017

  DAY 2: december 26 2017 nr 1651 Roar by Katy Perry Collage of a lion picture from  magazin on gold watercolor paint. Added part of the lyrics with a metallic pen. Do you see me roar (my zodiac sign is Lion so I feel connected with them) nr 1500 New York, New York by…

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TOP 2000 Blog Party day 1

December 25, 2017

Each year Marit Barentsen from Marit’s Paperworld organizes the Top 2000 blog party. A creative party where you use the songs of the top2000 as inspiration. This is my 6th year. I first joined in 2012 and by now I have a big stack of pages with creations inspired by this Top2000. You can see…

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Playing with acrylic ink at the Ink-o-holic workshop

December 4, 2017

Last weekend I went to the 2day ink-0-holic workshop of Pascale Tichelaar. I was greeted by chickens and a beautiful icy nature Had a great time at the workshop and enjoyed the delicious lunches Because of my driving distance I also stayed in the beautiful B&B room there We had a great group and enjoyed…

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Folded houses Art Journal page

November 20, 2017

East west, home’s best: Winter is coming in my part of the world. Time to sit in a warm house and create something. So I would like to share this little houses foldout page that was first created for the Dutch facebook group Artelier Tierelier. Hope you are inspired to create something and if you…

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Inktober week 4

November 10, 2017

My day 20 – day 30 of  the by Jake Parker organized an online event called Inktober. I did it. I finished inktober and filled my whole little journal with drawings using just a dip pen and india ink. Hope you enjoy looking at these last pages.

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