Top 2000 blog party 2021

I was december again, so time for the top 2000 blog party 2021. This creative party is still organised by Marit Barentsen each year. You can read more about this here: You can also see all art from everyone joining and all previous years through that link.

The party is about making something creative with songs from the top 2000 of that year. Last year I made all entries digital in procreate. If you missed those, or like to see them again, here are the blogposts:

My entries for this year:

This year I had no energy to make a lot of art work, so there are just of few things. Most of those made are digital art in procreate again. My first is the number 1961 of the list: One tree Hill from U 2


one tree hill

The second one is an art journal spread I made. I was just playing and not thinking about this blog party. After making it, I realised it could be used for the song Winter by Tori Amos. That song is the number 1038 of the list, so I sent it to Marit to enter on the blog.

tori amos winter

She's a Rainbow from the Rolling Stones was the number 845 of the list and I reused a digital face I made to create this rainbow girl.

she's a rainbow

My next entry was Starman from David Bowie that stood on 239 of the 2021 list.

starman david bowie

For the number 40 of the list A Forest by the Cure I played with 9 different digital pictures I made on vacation. It is the first time I used this type of multi picture merge and it is very fun to do.

a forest the cure

That's it for the Top 2000 blog party 2021. I will add some video's of the process in my Dutch creative group, so if you are a member you can find them there soon. Hope you liked seeing my work and please join next year december for this fun party.