JOT 2019, journal ecourse


A new round of JOT, the journal ecourse from Marieke Blokland. I was part of JOT in 2018 but this year the ecourse runs again. All students from 2018 where invited to join again in this new round. So my chance to finish more lessons than I did last time.

Playing with shapes:

The first lessons where about playing with shapes. I did these lessons once before in Januari 2018. If you like you can see it here: jot-the-journal-workshop-januari

I just started fresh with new paper scraps and some new things to play with. With the lessons as a starting point I did some variations of my own.

For the first small pages  that was playing with colors. I used scraps of similar colors and arranged them on a background with a different color.


A large spread of my larger art journal was filled with paper shapes on a pink background. With markers I added lines and smaller shapes a la Miro. The lines are not that prominent, so maybe they are difficult to see. They look like a collection of small machines, robots and more.


Variations with just one set of shapes:

A bauhaus inspired lesson was about playing with red and black only. Red is not my favorite color but red black and white combined do give a great contrast.

I made a series of paper shapes again. With the same collection of shapes, using all of them I made 9 different compositions. And I could have made even more of them, but decided enough is enough. I arranged the scraps on a piece of white paper, photographed it and then made another arrangement.

I made the series with a portrait paper position. But when I had made the photo's I thought what if you turn them. So the first photo is what I originally made, the second is upside down en the others are in landscape position. So much fun to see the difference and the effect it has on some if not all of the compositions.

2019 JOT
2019 JOT - kopie (3)
2019 JOT - kopie
2019 JOT - kopie (2)

That was it for this first JOT post of 2019. Hopefully there are much more to come, because that means that i will be doing a lot of the lessons. 😉