Blast from the Past: Lifebook 2014 part 4

Blast from the Past: Lifebook 2014 Part 4

Another compilation of old blogpost. This is the last part with blogs of Lifebook 2014 part 4.

You can find part 1 here and part 2 here and part 3 here

Lifebook Week 38 Intuïtive Painting with Flora Bowley:

wk38 (7)

Lifebook week 39 lesson by Alena Hennessy:

I used an old page with collage and stencils as a background for this lesson.
wk39 (1)

Week 41: Moon whale lesson by Tamara Laporte


Lifebook 2014 Week 42 a bonus by Tamara Laporte:

Creative florals, made one page for my Lifebook on paper and one on canvas.

wk42 (2)
wk42 (1)

I never posted the rest of the lessons of Lifebook in any blog posts. So I will just show you what I made for the lesson 42 to 50 in a slide show.