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Lifebook week 24 and some more

Did some Lifebook work again
Made the week 24 lesson of Jane Davenport
This was fun and Just Play

Started binding my finished Lifebook lessons
It is so much work if you have to do that at the end of the year
So I thought I start early and then I can also take it with me at the Lifebook NL meeting
I am using the same technique I used for last year, which is my adapted version of the 2012 book I think

Taking scrappaper to make strips and then glueing to pages together with the strip and putting them in large binder rings

Still 6 lessons to put in this rings but I am getting there

And I started at the first layer of Effy Wild’s lesson 
A collage of scraps so I took out two drawers with scraps
And I have much more paper scraps lying around

She is doing this lesson with 7 layers of no more than 15 minutes a day, how cool is that
Nobody can say he has no time for art, because you will have a layered art work each week with only 15 minutes a day
If you like to know more about how to do this lesson and all the other lifebook lessons:

New students are still starting with Lifebook and so can you just go to
It is so much fun and you learn a lot, for total beginners and experienced mixed media artist

So that is Lifebook for this week at least