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Inktober 2018, the final days


I have just one more drawing to make for the inktober 2018 challenge by Jake Parker.  Just could not decide and get a good idea of what to make. So I will leave it for now. If you mist the other blogs about this challenge you can it here and here

Day 17: Swollen:

I made an eating hamster. Its filling its cheeks so they look really swollen.


Day 18: Bottle

For this prompt I made a  drawing of my supplies I used for this challenge. The Bottle of ink and my dippen.


Day 19: Scorched

A drawing of scorched sausages on a grill.


Day 21: Drain

Day 20 is still not made so I give you day 21, the drain. Accompanied with drops of water.


Day 22: Expensive

Lots of things are expensive, but not always easy to draw. So I decided to make a big house that is for sale. Must be really expensive, judging to the size of it.


Day 23: Muddy

Stepping with boots through a lot of mud, makes them really muddy.


Day 24: Chop

Chopping carrots with a knife.


Day 25: Prickly

Ever gave cactusses a new bigger pot. I can tell you that they are very prickly.


Day 26: Stretch

Another prompt that took me I while to think about what to draw. I decided to make a text where the T is a figure that is stretching.


Day 27: Thunder

This one didn't turn out the way I wanted it. But yes, I love thunder and lightning. Always have even as a kid I would get out of bed at night to watch the sky when it was roaring and lightning.


Day 28: Gift

A box with a ribbon. What kind of present does this package hold?


Day 29: Double

Just played with two similar doodle flowers. Are you seeing double?


Day 30: Bolt

For this prompt I made a wrong picture, because I used the word Bolt. The original prompt was Jolt.

I thought it was Bolt, so made a drawing of our toilets bolt. It is probably the only completely original item in our 50's house.


Day 31: Slice

The very last prompt for this challenge is slice. I made a drawing of a slice of bread. Maybe I will still do the day 20 to totally complete the challenge but we will see. For now it was fun and hope you liked seeing my little drawings