Faerie Houses


Last week I was all into Faerie Houses after I joined the Celtic Collective Club from Karen Campbell and Lucy Brydon. Lucy lives in scotland and Karen is an all scottish things fanatic. They have a real click with each other and joined art forces under the name 1scot1not, with a seperate website, art club and even a special podcast/youtube series all about scottish folklore and fairy life.

I have know Lucy and Karen for years and joined just in time only week before the doors of this club closed. If you like what I make and want to join you can be put on a waiting list to be informed when doors open again.

So far I have been making two drawings of Faerie houses, partly digital and partly watercolor as you will see below. Currently I am working on an art journal page with a pixie, so stay tuned for more Faery art.

My Digital Faerie House

The first drawing was made digital with black and white in Procreate on the iPad. I wanted to play with houses and how to create them and was in a couch sitting mood, so what better to do than to draw digital.

Here is my faerie tree house in winter. Haha, just kidding but because there are no leaves on the tree I thought I would call it winter.

(voor de nederlandse leden van mijn creatiefinjeelement groep: daar vind je binnenkort een kleurplaat van dit boomhuis. Ook van de tweede tekening die ik maakte is daar een kleurplaat te vinden)


My second Faerie Houses drawing:

Fase 1:

The second drawing was made on watercolor paper. I started with making a pencil drawing of a tree, added houses and more. The final line drawing is done with black india ink and a dip-pen. After drying all the pencil marks where erased. When making such a drawing I usely draw the basics and when making the final black lines I change lines places and details. The final drawing is always, at least slightly, different from my pencil drawing.

Fase 2:

I made a picture of my drawing and used procreate to transfer it to a coloring plate.  I just love playing with drawing digital and procreate makes it so easy to transfer a drawing to a coloring page I can share.

Playing digital can also give me the opportunity to add some more space around a drawing and do some different things with it, as you can see when you look closely to my final colored drawing in Fase 3.

(zoals hierboven al verteld voor de nederlandse leden van mijn creatiefinjeelement groep: daar vind je binnenkort beide kleurplaten)


IMG_1007 (Edited)
Fase 3:

My original on watercolor paper was colored with watercolor paint, mostly from Daniel Smith, my favorite but expensive brand. It took me some days and layers of paint to finish this coloring. Digital is so much quicker -:)


What is you favorite?