A mixed media page with flowers and structures

In the workshop JOT from bloknoteacademy there was an art journal lesson with mixed media flowers. Usely I only share result pictures and not the in between ones. Not fair for the owner of the workshop. For this lesson apart from the fact that it was flowers and structures (3D things) I totally went my own way. So here I share the start part of my process with some in between pictures and the end result.

This year this JOT course for me is all about using stash. Some things have been lying around for ages and it is about time to use them up.

Normally I start with a painted background but I this time I started with collecting material from my drawers without a clear plan and draped them on the paper in my large journal (picture A)

Then I glued everyting down on the page and edded some extra structure with gel medium (picture B)

When that was dry I almost completely covered the page with black gesso. I wasn't really thinking much, just wanted to use black gesso (picture C)



Picture A


Picture B


Picture C

And then I started adding color with acrylic paint, acrylic ink, markers, oil pastels and more. And got so absorbed by the process that I can show no more in between pictures. Only the end result. Here is my art journal spread with flowers with 3d structures.

flowers and structures

Hope you like this little peak into my process. See you again soon.