From Canvas to Art Journal pages

In this blogpost I will show you how I went from canvas to art journal. Canvases I made where cut from their frame and glued in a book.


I made a lot of canvases a few years ago. Partly because I sold them in facebook groups. That selling was a lot of work and I stopped with that and went back to art journaling. Some canvas painting where therefore cut from their frame and glued in art journals or altered books.

In this blogpost I will show you one large canvas that was transformed to a few pages in an altered book.

The canvas was an unfinished canvas from a workshop by Tracy Verdugo. The workshop was a whole weekend long in august 2019 and we also made some acrylink paintings on watercolor paper. This was fun to make and will have to have a go at that sometime soon.

2019 08 24 Workshop Tracy

The Canvas:

The Canvas was a work in progress during the whole weekend, layers and layers of acrylic ink and some collage elements. At the end of the weekend I went home with an unfinished canvas like most of the other participants.

And then it was left in a pile with all my other unfinished canvases until this year when I looked at ik again. I had finished a number of other canvases as you have seen in previous blog posts. But what to do with this one. I decided to cut it up and make a few art journal pages from it in my big altered book.

Here is the canvas I started with:


From Canvas to Art Journal Pages:

After taking a look at the canvas I realised that I could easily cut it in half and glue that into my altered book. It was a canvas board that was used for the painting so I started with taking the canvas of its board. And made two large art journal pages with them. I played with some fantasy edges of the pages. In the picture you can see the two pages flat and how it looks when you lift them.

A third page is still in progress, on that page I used some left over clippings of the canvas and cut those in shapes. That is something for a later date.

Here are the other art journal pages that I made.


See you soon with lots of more new art work