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So glad to see you on my website (for the Dutch: ga hier naar een nederlandstalige startpagina)

Here you will find all my creative explorations in the field of Art Journaling and Mixed Media.
Results from the online classes I take from fabulous teachers and my own explorations of art materials.
My own original work is mostly accompanied by in process pictures that serve as a mini tutorial.
Some of my original art work can also be bought. I love the proces of making but simple do not have enough space to keep everything I make.Ā  I mostly sell via special Facebook groups. If you see anything you like you can always contact me via the contact form or sign up for my newsletter.

If you are on Facebook you can also follow my special art facebook page.

I also love to help you on your way of creating beautiful things or just finding a new hobby. If you live close to Leidschendam, the Netherlands you can do a live art play or workshops with me. I will do this mainly in Dutch, but english workshops can be provided.
I so hope I can infect you with my art work.

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Greetings Carla


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Inktober Week 1

October 9, 2017

Each year Jake Parker organized an online event called Inktober. You can join by making an ink drawing each day during the month of october. I decided to join because I could use a challenge to make something each day and also because Marieke Blokland asked people to join her and her daughter to do…

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Playing with the Gelliplate

October 9, 2017

Last friday I went to a workshop from Margriet van Tilborg at the Artchicksstudio. We used a gelliplate and golden open acrylics together with other media and different substrates. In this way we could practice and see the effect of the paint. We made a stash of prints on normal paper, deli paper, special papers…

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Workshop: Verknip ‘t

April 9, 2017

On April 8 I went to a workshop by Jenny de BodeĀ : Verknip ‘t (Cut it up) We played with pictures that where cut to pieces and made journal pages with them. I made several pages with collaged pictures and added some color with bister or neocolor II crayons. You can get a lot of…

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Workshop: Dikke Dames Schilderen

March 29, 2017

For a Birthday gift for a friend we went to a “Painting Fat Ladies” workshop (Dikke Dames schilderen). Actually a workshop for super beginners, with a predrawn fat lady. It was a lot of fun to see that even with a predrawn lady we still managed to make different paintings by just using different colors,…

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Making fun drawings with flowers

March 15, 2017

I was thinking about a new idea for the March theme of a dutch facebook group Artelier Tierelier. And with the spring theme I thought what about flowers and was just drawing something and ended up with a flower like figure with faces. I call these funny flowers. Made just a little drawing with a…

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Snowflake mandala

February 11, 2017

At the facebook group Artelier Tierelier we have a weather theme this februari and I created this Snowflake mandala for it. Take a break, relax and make your own mandala. My Mandala is made with white acrylic ink and a nib pen on black paper. Make a circle with 6 segments (lines 60 degrees apart)…

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Round Robin from the Creative Quest group part 1

February 9, 2017

I also take part of a Round Robin in the facebookgroup of Miranda Bosch-Thurlings: Creative Quest. This Round Robin also works with A5 paper but with no rules or assignments. So far I made 3 spreads with a front page and backpage for 3 participants (pictures are front, back and then the middle spread) Hope…

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Round Robin from the Craftorij part 1

February 8, 2017

I am a participant of a Round Robin organised by the Craftorij. The Craftorij was a mixed media store / workshop place in Ede but was closed down at the end of last year. This Round Robin still exists and today I like to show you some page I made for the other participants. We…

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February 6, 2017

I love making quircky things, so taking part of the latest workshop of Marieke Blokland from the Bloknote Academy was an absolute must for me. In the first lesson we started with lineĀ art inspired by Saul Steinberg. And I had much fun doing that. Those line figures somehow where easier for me than making complete…

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Blog Challenge day 1

February 1, 2017

Starting today I am a part of a Blog Challenge organised by the Dutch Petra Wiebenga from Studio Schrijf.Ā  It is called Begin met Bloggen (start blogging). The challenge is in Dutch so today I thought I make this blogpost bilingual again. I will give you a little history of my blogging experience. Ik ben…

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