Blast from the past: Top 2000 blog party 2018

We are closing in on the last month of the year. In december it has been: Top 2000 blog party organised by Marit Barentsen time since I first joined in 2012. I hope to have time again this year to make some new art for this fun party. This post shows the work I made for the top 2000 blog party of 2018. All the older work can be found following the links below:







I will be making another combined post for 2019 at the beginning of december. Just as a teaser to get you in the mood of this fun party.

Day 1 December 25 2018:

I usely let myself be inspired by titels of songs, sometimes I also look at the lyrics. The idea is to be inspired by the song, so anything you make is oke.

My first song for day 1 was: nr 1986 Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

With a nip-pen and india ink, I made a drawing and gave it some color with ecoline brush pens.

top 2000 blog party

The second selected song for day 1 was: nr 1809 Bagagedrager by Spinvis

A baggagedrager is a dutch word for either someone carrying luggage (baggage) or the part of a bike where you can attach your luggage. I found a picture of a woman carrying a lot of luggage and also found a bike. Altered the pictures somewhat and added them to a painted background.

top 2000 blog party

December 26 2018, day 2:

A new song for day2 was: nr 1737 Kalverliefde by Robert Long

Kalverliefde is puppy love, only a kalf in dutch is a young cow.

I painted some hearts with red paint and used watercolor to color the rest of the background. Added a cows face from a magazin and added words with a pen.

top2000 blog party

The second selected song for day 2 was: nr 1626 Apache by the Shadows

I used a nip-pen with india ink only for this drawing of an indian.

top2000 blog party

Day 4 of the Top 2000 blog party 2018:

I didn't have time for day 3, so just moved on to day 4.

Nr 1139 Pak maar mijn hand by Nick en Simon

Pak maar mijn hand= take my hand.

For this I made a simple page with blue paint, white marker and an arm from a magazin.

top 2000 blog party

And the second selected song for day 4 was: nr 926 Belle Helene by Doe maar

The titel of this song brought me to the ice cream variation that is called Poire Belle Helene. I made a drawing with a bowl of pears and chocolate sauce. Although I must admit that they do not look so tasty as they should. 😉 So here is my song inspired Belle Helene.

top 2000 blog party

Day 5 of the Top 2000 blog party 2018:

My first song for day 5 was: nr 649 Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

A simple page today with a picture of a tiger and added words with a marker.

top 2000 blog party

The second song for day 5 was: nr 587 Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles

Another page with collage and added words with a marker.

top 2000 blog party

My last entry for day 6 of the Top 2000 blog party 2018:

I made only one page for day 6 and no pages for day 7. The last weeks of 2018 where to busy with choir singing and other things, but I managed to make 9 pages in the busy end of the year weeks. So I am happy.

Here is my day 6 song: nr 318 White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

I found a magazin drawing of a white rabbit, added a clock, teacups and some colors to make it an Alice in Wonderland experience. Really like how this small page turned out.

top 2000 blog party

I hope I have been able to inspire you with making art from music titles or lyrics. Would love to see you join the top 2000 blog party in december.