Blast from the past: Top 2000 blog party 2012

 TOP 2000 BLOG PARTY 2012

This blog party is all about art creations using the songs of the top 2000 and is organized each year by Marit Barentsen van Marit’s Paperworld

My original blogposts were bilingual (I skipped the dutch, because of the long blogpost it already is) and this is the compilation of 7 days of blogpost from december 2012. The original blogposts are not on my website anymore. It is therefore a very long blogpost.

Top 2000 blog party dag 1/day 1 December 25, 2012 |

Hello crea friends welcome at my first bilingual blogpost (that is what I wrote back in 2012, but I deleted the dutch for this blast compilation).
All of this because of Marit Barentsen’s top 2000 blog party. Look on her site if you want to join. This blog party is all about art creations using the songs of the top 2000
With the choice of the songs I was let by the idea that came into my head at reading the titels. They are not by definition my favorite songs. I took a dive into my old stack of A4 pages, usely old prints which I used as glue and paint backgrounds. This will result in a strange background you will normally not make like this. This will give a reflection of my idea about this song ( a total free artistic interpretation).

My first creations is no. 1979 on the list: L’important c’est la rose by Gilbert Becaud
This song is connected to the book Le petit Prince
I still had pictures of this little prince from a magazine and used this to create something new with on an old peace of used paper (after giving it an extra thin layer of blue paint ) and of course the most important part: his rose (if you do not know the book look around at the internet for information)

top 2000 blog party

The next number will also be broadcasted on the first day 25 december number 1895 Strange fruit by Billie Holliday.

Had a background paper lying around and painted a tree on it.

Cut some STRANGE FRUITS out of an other old piece of painted paper. Added a few butterflies and an animal with text and this is the result

top 2000 blog party

Top 2000 blog party dag 2 / day 2 December 26, 2012 |

Hello here day 2 of the top 2000 blog party. My creations of two numbers on the radio today.
The first is no 1822 Money Money Money by Abba.
A background with green and gold, prints of Euro bills, added text drawn or cut out of euro bills and added "a Rich Man"

top 2000 blog party

My number two of this day is no 1638 Il est Cinq heures Paris s’éveille van Jacques Dutronc.

I still had some Paris pictures from a magazine lying around. As a background I used an old piece of paper again en with that the Paris pictures.
Put a clock onto this and gave the whole paper a thin layer of acrylpaint, added some color and dots with metallic edding markers and the titel of the song

Et Voila.

top 2000 blog party

Top 2000 blog party dag 3 / day 3 December 27, 2012 |

Hello already the third day of the top 2000 blog party, today number 1458 The Elephant Song by Kamahl
On a background of gelmedium and dylusions a pink elephant from a newspaper. In the background some pieces with elephants of a national geographic calenderpage. A thin layer of acrylpaint on top of everything to make it go together and a line from the song Listen to the Elephant.

top 2000 blog party

For my second page of today I used a background of old tissues with dylusions stain. Rolled up and wetted and than rolled out again onto a background of gelmedium.
On this background a red heart and arm and legs with acrylpaint, pictures of food and a text
Hungry Heart, the number 1266 of the list by Bruce Springsteen

top 2000 blog party

Top 2000 blog party dag 4 / day 4 December 28, 2012

Today day 4 of the top 2000 blog party.
I thought black and white is something else for a change. So used the song Zwart-Wit from Frank Boeijen.

Started with a grey and white background.
Cut some figures and painted them in black and white en black-white and a little red in the color of your heart. A little bit of a dark day this time, but tomorrow will be merrier


top 2000 blog party

Top 2000 blog party dag 5 / day 5 December 29, 2012 |

Today day 5 , time flies with Bird of Paradise, the song by Snowy White on number 857 .

The background is made of tissue paper with stains of dylusions, glued to the paper using gel medium.  These papers had little paint and gave a light background
Onto the background I painted a bird of paradise using acrylpaint and gelmarkers and part of the text


top 2000 blog party

Top 2000 blog party dag 6 / day 6 December 30, 2012 |

This 6th dag of the top 2000 blog party I have been working with other materials
I made the no 303 of the list: Eye in the Sky by Alan Parson’s Project

For this I used several pieces of old papier to make clouds and gras.
The eye was drawn on a white piece of paper with colorpencils.  A normal piece of white paper was painted with aquarelpaint and onto this de cloud, gras and eye were glued. Added the chorus with markers and…


top 2000 blog party

Top 2000 blog party dag 7 / day 7 December 31, 2012 |

Time flies and today already the last day of the Top 2000 blog party.  Today again two creaties.
The first is the number 220 , de Vlieger (= the kite) by Andre Hazes

I used a few old stained papers and a picture from a magazine for this one.
Also used white stamping ink and a stained piece of baby wipes served as a kite.
Added them together with the kite and the letter (the song goes about a letter for a dead mother tied to a kite, to be delivered in heaven where she is) with a part of the text on it
The kite is not really nice, but I wanted the piece of baby wipe (aspecially for Lida)

top 2000 blog party

My second creation of today is the number 74 of the list Purple Rain by Prince
This was actually my very first creation, I was totally into purple by making the 15by15 swaps for Creatief Contact, when I thought about this song.
I used an old stained piece of paper again for the background.
Onto this drops of rain cut out of remains of my 15by15 backgrounds.
Together with a picture from a magazine, acryl paint and metallic and black markers.

top 2000 blog party

This is the end of the top 2000 blog party. I hope Marit will do this again next year, because it was fun and very inspiring to make these pages. Everybody thanks for watching me do this.

In my vacation I made an extra page:
The Road to Nowhere nr 1152 van de lijst van Talking Heads

Now it is finally over for this year


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