Blast from the past Top2000 blog party 2014


For more than 10 years Marit Barentsen organizes the top 2000 blog party. A creative party around the songs of this years top2000 that takes place in the last week of this year. Everyone can join.

This blogpost contains all the art work I made for the Top 2000 blog party of 2014. I removed the original blogposts to clean up the website a bit, but I like leaving the art work available.

You can see my entries for 2012 here and my 2013 entries here

December 25, 2014: My first two songtitle inspired mixed media pages:

Nr 1985 George Michael with Freedom
For me freedom was connected with flying birds, in this case a bird spreading its wings in a natural environement.

This page has a background of watercolor paint and a collage of a crane from a magazin.

top 2000

Nr 1939 The Sweet with Fox on the run

A painted landscape with a running red fox with text with paint and markers.

top 2000

December 26, 2014:

Nr1809 Simply Red with Sunrise

A painted background, lines and music notes with paint and markers. A rooster from a magazine and two ladybugs as collage was added, together with some music note washi tape to complete the page.

top 2000

Nr1664 The Baseballs with Umbrella

Watercolor background and collage of bears and umbrella's. Added outlines, the text and drops with a marker.

top 2000

December 27, 2014:

Nr1511 Billy Idol with Eyes without a face

A background with dylusions and bister grains. Used different eyes from magazines as collage material. Added letters with paint and markers.

top 2000

Nr 1289 Aerosmith with Love in an elevator

A print of an elevator on printable canvas, glued to paper background. Added color and letters and hearts with paint.

top 2000

December 28, 2014: Only one page for today

Nr 975 Peter Gabriel with Sledge Hammer

A background with different colors of bister. Text with stencils on the background. And a hammer with structure paste.

top 2000

December 29, 2014:

Nr 747 One Republic with Counting stars

This page has an underlayer of dylusions spray. I used a collage of a black silhouette of a sitting woman and added stars, lines and numbers with a white marker.

top 2000

Nr 855 De Dijk with Groot Hart

top 2000

December 30, 2014: Another day with only one page

nr 274 Frank Boeijen groep with Kronenburg park
I used a picture I made in the Kronenburgerpark in Nijmegen a few years back. We were there with a group for Supervoices (singing with a large choir).
Made a gel transfer with the picture (so people from Nijmegen this picture is in mirror view)
Added a sentence of the lyrics with different letters I had lying around, gave it a border of leftover stickers page en two transparent stickers

It says: Searching for happiness in Kronenburg Park

top 2000

December 31, 2014: The last day and the last page

Nr 20 Cold Play with Clocks

An underlayer of dylusions spray and collage of clocks from magazins.

top 2000


  1. Mazina Staphorsius on August 19, 2019 at 11:37 am

    Hier staan geweldige dingen bij! 😍

    • Carla on August 19, 2019 at 2:41 pm

      Zo leuk elk jaar om weer wat te verzinnen bij zo’n liedje.

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