Blast from the past: Top 2000 blog party 2013

 TOP 2000 BLOG PARTY 2013

This blog party is all about art creations using the songs of the top 2000 and is organized each year by Marit Barentsen van Marit’s Paperworld

Here are the original blogposts from this event in december 2013. Edited the layout to fit my current website. The original blogposts are not on my website anymore.

Top 2000 blog party December 27, 2013 |

On Marits Paperworld we have the Top 2000 blog party again. Everyone can join in this creative use of the songs of the TOP 2000.
I was very busy and started late with to many family around. I finally managed to finish one page for day three. Made a drawing with neocolor II yesterday because I had my crearoom remodelled into a guest room and could not paint or collage. Used water on some parts of the page only and added some text today and here it is:

The nr 1486 of the list Roof Garden by Al Jarreau

top 2000

Top 2000 blog party December 28, 2013 |

I made one page today:

Nr 974 of the Top 2000 list: Candy from Robbie Williams

top 2000

Top 2000 blog party December 29, 2013 |

Another day,  another page. I was so stupid to print all my Lifebook lessons and ended up with a great pile of paper. And I have all of them also digital. Decided to clean house and use the paper for something else and never print them again next year.

Out of several pages I cut words and used them on my page for todays song. Pasted them on top of a page from my altered atlas so this time a complete recycled page:

Number 712 Words by the Bee Gees


Top 2000 blog party December 30, 2013 |

My new page for todays blog party. Found a picture of a sleeping marilyn monroe and a page with clothes and other items. Both pages are from Flow magazine. Started with an old page as background and made a pink cloud also on a recylcled page. Combined this with the other items mentioned and her is the page for the song:

Dreamer by Supertramp on number 486

top 2000

Top 2000 blog party December 31, 2013 |

A little frustrated art work at the end of a strange year. Those who know me also know what I mean by that. I made this page for the number 29 of the list:
The Scientist by Cold Play

top 2000

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