Blast from the past: Lifebook 2014, part2 the next 10 weeks

Blast from the past: Lifebook 2014 part 2

This is the second part of my compilation of old blog posts from Lifebook 2014. You can see the first part here.

Week 11 Tamara Laporte's lesson Tree of Life:

Had a creative burst with this fun lesson, but it turned out a little weird. Some things are not quite the way they should be. But when I made the picture and looked at it I thought: that is me when I was young, because it looks like she is ready to jump of the swing. And that is what I always used to do when I stopped. So maybe this is how it was supposed to be.

lifebook tamara

Week 11 Gracie Howle's lesson for Tree of Life:

It lookes a bit winterly. All the words are positive happy things but the tree itself turned out a little barren. It is as if all the energy went into the hearts. Maybe I should have given this one some leaves also.

lifebook gracie

Week 12: Finnabair's lesson

I went totally over the top with this lesson and glued all sorts of things down on the page
Fun to do and learned a lot for later not so busy pages. And great clearance for all those collected items.

wk12 (3)
wk12 (9)

Week 13:  lesson by  Lesley Riley

This is a page with an image transfer. Leslie is using TAP transfer paper. I did not have that paper so I used T-shirt transfer paper to transfer the image to the page.
Used a cut-out of this picture I made in GAIA Zoo last year december from the Lookout of the group of  meerkats (stokstaartjes in Dutch).

A bit in a gloomy mood so this page turned out a little dark but with a positive message: A quote from E.B. White.


Week 14: bonuslesson with Dyan Reaveley

In this lesson we used DYLUSIONS (hey its Dyan, what else should we use)
Oh I so love Dylusions totally addicted to them. Have all the colors and even bought some new bottles for colors I used up already. So yes: addicted

Made my background and my flowers and....  cut the flowers out in our sunny garden, almost summer weather the last few days.

All the cut flowers where glued to the background and I added one word. I  loved this lesson and also made a card for a sick friend with my second background and some new flowers.

wk14 (4)
wk14 (1)

Week 15: Quirky Animals with Tamara Laporte.

This was made on a large folded page
Glued mine to a bigger page and made a front. Here is A picture of the closed front and the opened page with my quirky animals. This is all made with acrylic paint and some markers.

My quirky animals are a lion (my zodiac sign), a sheep (my inner critic a bleating sheep), an owl (for my big brain where I am sure there is also wisdom in between the clutter), an ant (for my always being busy) and a dog (that is my sign according to the chinese zodiac).

quircky birds
quircky birds

Week 16 lesson by Traci Bautista:

This weeks lesson was about being in the moment and playing with mark making. A really playfull lesson.


Week 17 lesson by Tascha Parkinson:

Playing with drawings and letters. So fun to do.

lifebook tascha

Week 19 lesson by Danielle Daniel

The lesson was about honouring you inner world.

Really should spend more time in this position and be in the moment to quiet my head.


Week 20 Honouring your inner world with Serena Bridgeman

A page with dylusions background, a buddha head and a lotus flower. Started with the background en make the flower and then the head.

I was not in a making a head mood and suddenly I remembered that I must have a drawn head somewhere I looked it up and it was the right size for this page. A Buddha head I made with colored pencil in september 2009 (do not get confused by the date, this is the dutch way of writing a date, day-month-year)
I cut out the head and glued it together with the lotus to my background.

In the pictures you see my original head and the finished page.


Week 21 Wonderful words with Jennibellie

Had a lot of fun playing as a child with the background and the flowers. A real playful page with a grumpy face 🙂


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