Blast from the past: Found Poetry Friday 2014 part 1

Found Poetry Friday

This blast from the past blogpost is about Found Poetry Friday that was organised by Marit Barentsen. This friday event really inspired me to make found poems and since then that is something I still love to do.
Below you will find the first half of my original blogposts from 2014 only slightly edited to fit my new website format. The original blogpost are no longer on my website. Want to know why read this intro post.
See more found poetry in this blogpost with all my pages from 2013 found-poetry-friday-2013/

Februari 18, 2014: You’re entirely bonkers

Yeah Marit from Marit's Paperworld is back with her Found Poetry Friday and am I also back. Here is my total nonsense poem out of a sheeps mouth on a background of paint and torn paper.

Februari 21, 2014

A sunshiney day for this found poetry friday. Made on a background of a gelli plate print. Does anything look familiar Marit or Michelle.
found poetry

Februari 28, 2014

It was found poetry friday again. Made these two poems last week on vacation from Boodschappen a magazine from some dutch supermarkets. Some advertisements contain english words and some dutch words can be shortened into english.
found poetry
found poetry

March 21, 2014

It is Friday again. So time for found poetry. Made two pages last week.This first one has a spelling fault: Creatieve is a dutch version of the word creative.

found poetry friday

This next one is in dutch. It reads
The magic of
an opportunity
only for you
the secret? add something or just leave out!

found poetry friday

April 8, 2014

The first is an old one which I meant to post last week.
The background is a leftover with a figure I made originally for the top2000 blogparty of 2012

found poetry
I always work on old paper (old calenders or something else) and with all the paint, sprays, cleaning of stamps these pages become a nice background. Used one of these pages as a background this time. Added some words and a few lines with this result.

found poetry

April 11, 2014

Its Friday again so time for a found poem
This week I found a coloring page from Flow magazine. And one bird stood apart from the crowd.
Found matching words.
And with a little grammar twist this is what it became:
It's the split second where you decide
I'm afraid
I have to be alone less
to (be)
Inspire (d)

found poetry

May 2, 2014

It is Friday again and this week I have a new found poem for you.
If you never made one, just start it is easy. You can use an old background you have lying around or create a new one. You could even do it on a blank background.

Then just collect words and sentences from a magazine, junkmail or newspapers. Then without overthinking combine them on the page.

I collect all kind of written tekst and keep them in a folder.
This week I started with the found text Let's Play.  I also had left over scraps from die-cuts on my table and an orange paper bag. The scraps I cut into smaller pieces. Made a background with yellow acrylic paint and glued the torn strips of the orange paper and the cut scraps to the background.
Added the words Let's play and some other found words. To finish the page I played a little with a few markers and this is my simple page for this week.

found poetry

May 9, 2014

This week I used a background with dylusion spray stencil, one leftover from another project. This time it is a bilingual poem with good advice.
I will give translations in total dutch and total english down below.

The poem                                total dutch                                 total english
Vaarwel perfectionisme           Vaarwel perfectionisme            Farewell perfectionism
Happy ideas all the time          Altijd vrolijke ideeen                 Happy ideas all the time

Every moment                           Elk moment                               Every moment
is een nieuw begin                    is een nieuw begin                     is a new beginning

de beste resultaten met            de beste resultaten met             The best results with
playtime creations                    speeltijd creaties                         playtime creations

found poetry

May 16, 2014 

It is Friday and this week I made a found poem on a gelli plate background. Found text in the same color scheme.

found poetry

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