Blast from the past: Lifebook 2014, the first 10 weeks

Blast from the past: A change year starting with Lifebook 2014: the first 10 weeks

Another blast from the past. A compilation of old blog posts. For me a way of cleaning up the number of blog post and for you a compiled view in my old work.

2014: The word I used that year was CHANGE: accepting changes and new things.
At  the end of 2013, I lost a job, I had for almost 34 years due to a reorganisation. Unlucky me and 11 other colleagues got fired. So apart from the actual change, that year was a a good year to work on changing myself and exploring new things.
By now I have stopped looking for a job and am being trained to be a creative coach and am totally commited to making art and hopefully inspire all of you to do the same.

Because my website quote is:

To Silence your head
Use your hands and

Week 1 of Lifebook 2014: Warm-up page and Inner Artist Guardian

The warm-up page is something Tamara always starts with in a new year of lifebook. I mde layers of neocolor II , some collaged hearts and acrylic paint, a bit of stamping and markers for my warm-up page.

For the painting of our Inner Artist Guardian I used neocolor II, acrylic paint, collage and markers. With the word change I had to think about butterflies and their life cycle through metamorfasis. Had great fun with this lesson and was a little surprised about the colors I used. That orangy yellow is not something I use much, but I love the result. So no matter what everybody else thinks about, I am happy. So my guardian really helped this time to silence my inner artist critic.

lifebook warmup 2014
guardian angel

Week 2: Creative Changer

This week we had a small lesson by Micki Wilde. A page where she used grey as a background with a happy affirmation for this year. I did not have grey paint and mixed my own, which turned out a little to dark for my liking, luckely the neon colors brighten the page up.


Week 3 lesson by Carla Sonheim

This was a lesson with oneliners, blobanimals, flowers from scraps, pocket pages to hold the cards and found poems. A lot of playfull things indeed.
I had a lot of trouble with the oneliners, strange animals, crooked flowerpots, childlike houses. The blobanimals and flowers with scraps are fun. Also made a page with two pockets to hold the cards and decorated the pockets with the found poems and two small cards with scrap flowers.

wk3 (1)
wk3 (3)

Week 4 lesson by Kelly Hoernig:

The word CHANGE keeps popping up in the lifebook lessons and also the symbol, a butterfly.
The colors I used were the same as in the first week. I really likes the colors although they are not really my favorite colors. But with the word change comes a change in colors
My three things on the page are a dictionary page (words connected to my work), musical score (singing in a popchoir) and a piece of a map (for all the trips and holidays). Added a flower and stenciled with some gesso and this is the finished page:


Week 5 lesson by Marieke Blokland:

The lesson of Mariek was such a fun one: Crazy sweet diva's

Week 6 by Tamara Laporte:

Week 6 was all about playing with spray inks. I used dylusions which I love. The colors are beautiful and love the effects you can get with them.

There was a warmup page with a lot of negative space. I can't say I am really happy with how my pages turned out, but I show them anyway. I made two pages where I tried this.

wk6 a
wk6 b

The main lesson was a bigger folded page and although the front said me, the face inside does not resemble ME.

wk6 c
wk6 d

Week 7 by Jane Davenport:

This weeks lesson was a positive pop-up page. The outside is a lot of collage with napkins and more and inside is more watercolor.


Week 8 by Alena Hennessey:

This is my colorfull page for the lesson of week 8: Joy of intention


Week 10 by Tamara Laporte:

This lesson was all about painting over collage and your positive life connections

I started with the collage and then went totally loose with gesso, neocolor II, gelato's, pastel, paint, stamps, and ... Oh I really dont know what anymore. Since I totally went my own way and it didn't look anything like the lesson from Tamara, I will show some in process pictures.
So here are some pictures from the start, in between and the end.

wk8 (1)
wk8 (2)
wk8 (3)

These where the first 10 weeks of Lifebook 2014. There was no lesson in week 9.

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