Blast from the past: Found Poetry Friday

Found Poetry Friday

This blast from the past blogpost is about Found Poetry Friday that was organised by Marit Barentsen. This friday event really inspired me to make found poems and since then that is something I still love to do.

Below you will find my original blogposts only slightly edited to fit my new website format. The original blogpost are no longer on my website. Want to know why read this intro post.

Found Poetry Friday July 19, 2013 |

On Marit’s Paperworld Blog it is since today every friday Found Poetry Friday.
You can make found poems in different ways and I have made some in the past inspired by the book Creativiteit geen kunst, Creatief Contact or by Boekselen from Loes Vork. I will try to make something like this each week.

For my page this week I used as a background, an old page with acrylic paint. I love to recycle.
The collaged lyrics come from different magazins. Here are the Dutch and translated into english lyrics.

Mmmmm                                                            Mmmmm
Zomertoer                                                           SummerTrip
Pleisterplaats voor de geest                             Place to stop for the spirit
Kijk je ogen uit                                                   Feast your eyes

Als nooit tevoren                                                Like never before
Op het spoor van vertelkunst                          On the track of storytelling
Er is een mirakel verrricht                               A miracle has been performed

found poetry

Found Poetry Friday July 26, 2013 |

Marit is having a heat wave blog break, but my computer is standing in the coldest place of the house, so.... It is Found Poetry Friday again and I made another page. This time on a background made with a gelliplate.

Ieder mens heeft behoefte aan                                     Every person has a need for
Een toekomst in vrijheid                                               A future in freedom
Maak je los en laat het gaan!                                        Free yourself and let it go!
Geluksmomenten                                                            Moments of happiness
Stap voor stap                                                                  Stap by stap
Naar de hemel….en terug                                              To heaven…..and back

found poetry

Found Poetry Friday August 2, 2013 |

Friday Poetry Friday again. Marit is still having a tropical heat blog pause but I am still hanging on downstairs in a room of 27 degrees celsius (upstairs it is over 31). Made a weird poem on this for me too hot day. Scanned the picture this time and not photographed as I usely do.
The background is a paper of playing with gelliplate printing.

Wat heb je nodig om gelukkig te zijn?               What do you need to be happy?
Geniet van                                                                Enjoy
De allerlekkerste                                                     The most tasty
kostbare momenten                                               precious moments
Waarom moeilijk doen                                          Why be difficult
Laten we meer lanterfanten                                 Lets be more idle
Maak plezier pluk de dag en geniet                    Make fun seize the day and rejoice
Aandacht voor                                                         Attention to
Echt wakker worden                                              Really waking up

found poetry

Found Poetry Friday  August 9, 2013 |

Today it is Friday so its Found Poetry day again. This time I made an effort to do this in English
I had some small papers with mostly song lyrics and a poem from a small FLOW magazine calender and made this small poem on a background of photo paper colored with dylusions. I will give you the picture of the poem and a picture that contains all the numbers where the lyrics are from.

found poetry
found poetry

Found Poetry Friday on Sunday? August 18, 2013 |

Been so busy with other things that I totally forgot Found Poetry Friday. Not that that is a problem but, I would like to keep this going for a while. Since I made nothing this week I would like to post an oldie. This one is made with an idea out of the book Creativiteit geen Kunst by Jenny de Bode en Lia Nijman. That book was my start in the field of everything about art journalling and mixed media and more. The idea was to chase words from different magazines and make new sentences. This page I made in may 2010.

Avontuur                                                                  Adventure
Ieder jaar opnieuw                                                 Each year again
gedraag je                                                                 Behave
steeds verrassend                                                   Always surprising
toon je respect                                                         Show respect
Op zoek naar een uitdagend                                 On the look for a challenging
Recept                                                                       Recipe
zo lekker wakker worden met                              so great to wake up with
een tweede huid                                                      a second skin
leuk onbeperkt houdbaar                                      nice keep unlimited
laat de                                                                        let the
weekendverwenners                                               weekend spoilers
maar komen                                                             come

found poetry

Found poetry Friday August 23, 2013 |

Time flies, friday again and still did not make a new found poetry, so again a dutch oldie from 2010. This is a collage of magazin pictures and text pieces with some doodles.

Stilte wat is het toch fijn                                              Silence it is so nice
Hoe onmisbaar                                                              How essential
Dartelen, verwonder, zingen                                       Frolic, amaze, sing
Naar je toe, moois en meer                                          Towards you, beauty and more
Begin lekker stevig                                                         Start nice and strong
De boswandeling, schitterend voor je                        A walk in the woods, magnificent for you
Maak je eigen leven                                                        Make your own life

found poetry

Found Poetry Friday August 30, 2013 |

Its Found Poetry Friday again and this time I played with words from a Dutch magazin from a supermarket, the Jumbo. And it is in English. The Dutch language is full of english words and a lot of advertisements use english so I took all those out of the magazin and got a great selection.
By rearranging most of the words I made these pages.

found poetry

Found Poetry on Sunday September 15, 2013 |

With a vacation without Wifi and too much going on in my life I skipped one week and am late for the next. Here again a dutch oldie with strange lyrics so there will also be a strange translation. Enjoy my fantastic word play.

Vleugel afgestoft blijft leuk                                       Wing dusted remains funny
Verbazingwekkend op tijd                                           Amazingly on time
Kwaliteit is voordeliger                                                Quality is cheeper
Schuiven onvermijdelijk                                               Shoving is inevitable
Geheel opgefleurd wint altijd                                      The whole brightend up always wins

found poetry

Found Poetry Friday September 20, 2013 |

Its Found Poetry Friday again and today I used an old page with collage paper on it.
Words, pictures of hearts and lines with a black marker were added and this is what came out all of that.

found poetry

Found Poetry Friday September 27, 2013 |

I used another old paper with collage as background for this found poem. So enjoy making these and hope you like this too.

found poetry

Found Poetry Friday october 4, 2013 October 4, 2013 |

Its Found Poetry Friday again and I am still using backgrounds of old collages.

found poetry

Found Poetry Friday October 12, 2013 |

A day  to late to post my Found Poetry Friday, but who cares. Here is a quicky made on a page from the magazine Flow. Background with Neocolor II and text from the Museumtijdschrift so a dutchie this week with as usual my english translation.

Metamorfoses                                                                   Metamorphosis
Op de wind geschreven                                                     Written on the wind
Sterren in de nacht                                                            Stars in the night
als dynamisch proces                                                         as a dynamic process
voor fijnproevers                                                               for connoisseurs

found poetry

Found Poetry Friday October 19, 2013

Found Poetry Friday again, how time flies. This week I combined a few found lines from the magazin Flow and a silly drawing of a girl I had lying around. Glued it all on a page with a gelli print et voila my found poetry page for this week.

found poetry

Found Poetry Friday 2013 October 26, 2013 |

This was not a good creative week for me, but I would like to keep this Found Poetry Friday posting going.
So I took a dive into my old pictures and found this page. Made this in 2011 when I was on vacation.

Veelzijdig                                                                 Versatile
Blijf je eigen draai ontdekken                                    Keep finding your own spin
Behoud je creativiteit                                                Preserve your creativity
Ontdek papierwerk met verbeeldingskracht              Discover paperwork with imagination

found poetry

Found Poetry Friday November 28, 2013 |

Totally absent lately. Sorry to much going on in my life and not enough energy to create.
Made a Found Poem on november 15 and did not even manage to post it until now.
So Found Poetry Friday from november 15 posted on november 28 (meant to post it on november 26 but blogger did not work). Hopefully I will get you a new poem tomorrow.

found poetry

Found Poetry Friday December 1, 2013 |

Strange how you can sometimes find words in a magazin. For the first time in weeks I did something creative yesterday, a little as if something should be made. This is the resulting page.

found poetry

Found Poetry Friday 2013 December 20, 2013 |

Marits challenge was to use songtitles or lyrics, because we start with the Top2000 blogparty at maritspaperworld very soon. I made a page with left over paper and paint.
Wrote down songtitles from the top2000 list from 2012 and glued them to the page.

The songs I used were:

Hello by Lionel Richie
The show must go on by Queen
Keep your head up by Ben Howard
Let it be by the Beatles
Dont stop by Fleetwood Mac
Just breathe by Pearl Jam
Feel by Robbie Williams
Wind of change by the Scorpions

found poetry

Note added: In some of the posts you see that there is a lot on my mind and I will clarify that for you by adding this note.
At the end of 2013 I lost my job I had for more than 33 years and to date I still do not have one. I have had a few montly contracts the past 5 years, but in about a month my unemployment pays stops. I will from that day on go on an early retirement and dedicate all my work to making, teaching and hopefully selling art.


  1. Marit on October 8, 2018 at 11:55 am

    Geweldig Carla, al die oude ‘gevonden gedichten’ terug te zien… ja, ik vond het ook heel leuk om te doen toen maar uiteindelijk waren wij de enige twee personen die er in doken dus uiteindelijk heb ik dat ‘event’ maar weer gelaten… ik raak nu echter wel weer geinspireerd om ‘found poetry’ te gaan maken, gewoon tussendoor, in een art journal of zo…. dat krijg je ervan hè, als je oude blogposts terughaalt en terugleest… dank voor de inspiratie weer!

    • Carla on October 9, 2018 at 4:00 pm

      Dankjewel Marit. Ik krijg zoveel inspiratie van al mijn oude blogposts dat ik bijna niets doe. Weet niet waar te beginnen. Blijft erg leuk die found poetry en heb alweer wat nieuwe mensen ermee besmet.

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