Blast from the Past Lifebook 2014 part 3

Blast from the Past: Lifebook 2014 Part 3

Another compilation of old blogpost. This one with blogs of Lifebook 2014, which I have divided in parts, since it would otherwise make a very large blogpost.

You can find part 1 here and part 2 here

Lifebook week 23 lesson by Tamara Laporte:

Made a drawing with a stag
wk23 (3)

Lifebook week 24 lesson by Jane Davenport:

This was fun and Just Play with repeated elements on your page.
lifebook 2014 wk24

Binding my Lifebook lessons:

It is so much work if you have to do that at the end of the year
So I thought I start early and then I can also take it with me at the Lifebook NL meeting
I am using the same technique I used for last year, which is my adapted version of the 2012 book I think.
Taking scrappaper to make strips and then glueing to pages together with the strip and putting them in large binder rings 


Lifebook 2014 week 25 lesson by Effy Wild:

I started at the first layer of Effy Wild's lesson with a collage of scraps. So took out a lot of paper scraps from two drawers full of them.
She is doing this lesson with 7 layers of no more than 15 minutes a day, how cool is that
Nobody can say there is no time for art, because you will have a layered art work each week with only 15 minutes a day.

Here are the steps of this lesson in pictures.

wk25 (6)
wk25 (1)
wk25 (1)(1)
wk25 (8)
wk25 (2)(1)
wk25 (3)
wk25 (5) - kopie

Lifebook 2014 week 26 lesson by Kate Thompson:

This weeks drawing lesson made me end up with a page of my chaotic head.


Lifebook 2014 week 28 lesson by Tamare Laporte:

The sacred inner eye.


Lifebook 2014 week 29 lesson by Marieke Blokland:


Lifebook 2014 week 30 lesson by Carissa Page:

Yeah yesterday on my free day I finally had some time and energy to work on Lifebook pages. Had a few background already lying around and finished those and worked on a total new page also. For this lesson I had great fun with plastic transfers.


Lifebook 2014 week 31 lesson by Mika Diaz:

Really need some peace so incorporated that word in this not so very peaceful page


Lifebook 2014 week 32 lesson by Micki Wilde:


Lifebook 2014 week 33 lesson by Finnabair:


Lifebook 2014 week 34 lesson by Catt Geller:

Made a little smashbook and a page with cosmic play

wk34 (1)
wk34 (2)
wk34 (6)

Lifebook 2014 week 34 bonus lesson by Tamara Laporte:

wk34 (5)

Lifebook 2014 week 36 lesson by Tamara Laporte:

This lesson was all about using your intuition. After looking at the introduction video I decided to make a page without looking at her lesson first. Started with something I have this huge pile of paper towels with dylusions ink. I save them after blotting and have a drawer full of them right now. Make them quicker than I use them.

Glued some green and blue colored paper towels to the page with an iridescent medium and added collage paper scraps and a torn painted babywipe and some acrylic paint.

Added more acrylic paint and played with some gelato's. I decided to leave it this dreamy and not make any thick lines.

wk36 (6)

Lifebook 2014 week 37 lesson by Carissa Page:


The rest of these lessons will be in another blogpost, part 4, coming soon.

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