A new year of Book of Days

My art journal for a new year of Book of Days

A new year of Book of Days, the art journal ecourse from Effy Wild. I joined this ecourse for the first time in 2013 and it is still one of my favorites. In this blogpost you can see what I made in 2013. That first year I worked in an altered atlas. In 2014 I made my first art journal and ever since then I continued to work mostly in my own handmade art journals.

For this year I made a new art journal again. I decorated the journal and added the year and my word for this year: Create.

book of days
cover bod 2019 (1)

Januari with Book of Days

The first lesson in a year is most of the times the use of your word of the year. My word of the year like I mentioned before is CREATE. Last year was a year of CLEAR. Clearing space, clearing my head and more and also more clear idea of what I want for the future.

This year I want to CREATE. You never know where this will bring you, but for now I have made a lot of art  in the past few weeks so time to share this in a few new blogpost. This one is the first.

The first spread in my new journal is about this this word of the year. I made my own version inspired by the lesson of Effy.

Create your own life.......Remember the child you (were) are

book of days
book of days

The second lesson was from Sarah Trumpp.

A lesson with a lot of layering, a face and a quote. I loved these colors and it is not a realistic portret ( I am not even a fan of very realistic portrets). And I added a quote I thought was very appropriate.

Be yourself, there are enough others

book of days

Februari with Book of Days

In the februari lesson of Effy we do a spread with paint over collage. I have done that a lot in the past also. Great technique also if you are not good with drawing. You can use collage and paint over it partially or totally. Funny enough in a lot of other ecourses they also had paint over collage lessons this month. As if it is paint over collage month in the world.

I found several pictures like you see in the first picture. Painted the background first, then added the collage and painted over the collage until I thought....that's enough.

Flowers are a girl's best friend

book of days
book of days

A second lesson in februari was from Tangie Baxter. These where called scribble girls. Just used inktense pencils and water to make quick scribbly portrets like the 4 in the picture. this where just practice portrets but, I decided to make and art journal page with them as a kind of portrait gallery.

And I made a second spread with faces and collage. Just fun quick playtime.

That is it for now, see you later.

book of days
book of days
book of days


  1. Marit on March 4, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    Ik zag sommige van jouw pagina’s al in de BOD groep, maar niet allemaal, want de Tangie Baxter gezichtjes zie ik voor het eerst… leuk zijn ze! Ik ging zelf ook met die les aan de slag en vond het lekker om te doen met leuk resultaat. Ook jouw pagina’s mogen er zijn Carla! En succes met ‘opschonen’ van je blogposts en websites… wat een werk!

    • Carla on March 5, 2019 at 10:28 am

      Hoi Marit,
      Dankjewel voor je reactie. Ik post de meeste foto’s altijd op instagram en vergeet soms ze ook in de facebook groep te zetten. Deze ben ik dus blijkbaar vergeten.

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