JOT the Journal workshop: Januari

Jot the journal workshop is a year long workshop by bloknoteacademy. I love taking these classes as an inspiration to change what I normally do.

A whole year long with bullet journalling, art journalling and jotting down idea's.

For the art journaling I used two home made journals. A small one for just jotting and palying. And the large one for the main lessons and larger work. For the bullet journal part of this workshop I used an ARC journal. This is a ring bound system where you can easily add or remove pages. I prefer that over a bound planner.

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For the month of januari we started with geometric shapes. Just playing with them and make geometric shapes and Bauhaus inspired journal pages.

I had lots of fun playing with compositions of circles, squares and retangles.


My plan for this course is to use up a lot of material I have lying around and buy nothing (or at least as little as possible). I have so many papers and more that I like to lower the stash.

For one of the main lessons I played with a painted background and a number of collage papers. I ended up with a colorfull Hundertwasser inspired spread.


The second main lesson of this month was Bauhaus inspired. Although red is not my favorite color I could not help using only black and red for the following spreads.


I still haven't finished the winter scene lesson. So maybe I will share that later in the year.

Hope you liked looking at my work. You can still join the workshop if you are interested.

See you later

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