Travel Journaling and Urban JOT

Travel journaling and urban JOT in the Eifel made me make a drawing of the view I had when sitting there everymorning around six. Yes six o'clock! Apparently the almost summer light and the call of all the birds and other animals made me wake up around six each morning during my 14 day vacation in the Eifel. If you like to see some pictures of my vacation you are welcome to take a look at my instagram (find it using the social links at the homepage).

One morning when sitting there I made a drawing in my little jot art journal by using pencil only. Not a completely accurate view but all the elements of my view where there. Wish you could also here the sounds of birds, cows, sheep, frogs and horses. So much to hear and see in the early morning. Even saw a hare and some deer one day.

Here you see a picture with the view and the drawing I made of it.

20180525_194219 - kopie

I also made a page with some fantasy houses using only watersoluble wax crayons. Made this page also during my vacation and did not bring much art material.


And the last picture i am showing is from a larger page where I did a collage of all kinds of left over gelliprinted pages. So fun to use up material like this.

Hope you liked these pictures, see you next time.



  1. Jenny on June 29, 2018 at 5:41 pm

    Leuk idee zeg: elke dag iets uit je uitzicht tekenen. En dat vroege uur werkt vast ook positief op stijve creaspieren.

    • Carla on June 30, 2018 at 7:11 am

      Was zo heerlijk relaxed. de zon over de berg op zien komen en al die dieren geluiden. Ik en de natuur.

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