The Grey faces lessons was also for the month of Januari of JOT from bloknoteacademy. This was part of the geometric shapes series. I did not use real geometric shapes for my grey faces so I show them in a separate blog post. I just played with shades of black and white for these pages. It was a lot of fun incorporating a number of faces on one page.

I started with a black conte pencil to make a drawing in my art journal. No really normal faces but just playfull wonky ones. In all directions on the page.

Grey Faces 1

Then I blended the pencil with Zinc White acrylic paint. Immediately it gave a different feel to the page.

Grey faces 2

Then I added some black acrylic paint, white marker dots and lines and colored the eyes and lips with a copic marker. Most of my faces have green eyes, maybe because I have green eyes also. Well maybe not as green as these.

And this is the result of my pages with Grey Faces

Grey Faces 3

I will be back soon with more pages from this great workshop.

Until next time.

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