Blast from the past: Lifebook 2013 part 1

Lifebook 2013 ecourse

from Tamara Laporte

Lifebook is a lifelong ecourse organised by Tamara Laporte from Willowing where she and a lot of other art teachers give weekly lessons.

Below you will find my original blogposts only slightly edited to fit my new website format. The original blogpost are no longer on my website. Want to know why read this intro post.

Because this was a yearlong class with a lot of blogpost I will do this one in parts. Here is part 1.

Life Book 2013 episode 1 April 30, 2013 |

I kept seeing some glimpses of Life Book 2013 a yearlong workshop on and thought: I like that. But I have been so busy lately that is why I thought: Maybe next year. I still kept going back there and finaly decided to join and am so glad I did. All those wonderful teachers and workshops and for such a low price. Only 60 GBP (about 75 euro (note prices have risen since then)). For that price you get a year (52 weeks) of workshop inspiration with video and PDF files.
Allright you can see I am enthousiastic.

I will not give you any pictures on how I made things. That will not be nice for the organiser and the teachers. If you want to know the hows you can join and learn yourself

So I started lifebook at the beginning of april, 3 months behind. By now I finished 4 of the workshops, and we are allready in week 18 and for me I have learned so much that it is allready worth it

Fairy Art Mother Warm-up workshop by Tamara Laporte: My fairy Art Mother with encouraging words. Balloons can be added later in the year.

lifebook 2013

Journey workshop by Tamara Laporte for week 1

Lifebook 2013

True Intensions workshop by Monica Zuniga for week 2.

Lifebook 2013

New Blooms workshop by Christy Tomlinson for week 3

Lifebook 2013

Bottoms up workshop by Aimee Myers Dolich for week 16

Lifebook 2013

Life Book 2013 Episode 2 May 9, 2013 |

Today I will show you two more finished lessons from Life book 2013

Week 10 Heart Connections lesson by Tamara Laporte
A page were I made some teachers connect by using left overs from the bottoms up workshop by Aimee Myers Dolich and the New Blooms by Christy Tomlinson and mixed with this new lesson by Tamara Laporte

Lifebook 2013

Week 18 Page of Affirmations a lesson by Dawn DeVries Sokol

Lifebook 2013

Lifebook 2013 Episode 3 May 12, 2013 |

After a long weekend with lots of time I finished three more lessons

Week 8 workshop by Jane Davenport teaches us something she calles unstumpification. Making a person taller (and usely thinner). I am not a very good figure drawer and faces drawer. I did not make the woman much longer. But in the end I like the way they walk over the beach.

Lifebook 2013

Week 9 workshop Painting over a printed image by Danita
From a picture of Sophia Loren to an altered art journal page. A great technique if you are not that good in drawing.

Lifebook 2013
Lifebook 2013

Week 17 Let your light shine workshop by Joann Loftus
A nice technique to make a stained glass image out of paper. It did not work out well in my case but anyway here it is (I thought it look like a childrens drawing)

Lifebook 2013

Lifebook 2013 Episode 4 May 20, 2013 |

Here is the result of my week 14 Quirky Birds workshop by Tamara Laporte. This is not one big page, but a folded 4 part page, in this way you have two sides.
One side will contain the quirky birds and the other side something else.
Lyrics you use on the pages are from a song.

Because of the Birds by Anouk (eurovision song contest) and the birds on the inside, I thought of the song Somewhere over the rainbow (old song by Judy Garland from the musical Wizard of Oz (1939)). My zodiac sign is lion and I sometimes feel like the lion in the wizard of Oz, a coward.

The front of the folded pages has an almost invisible rainbow, wich is a gel medium transfer. One folded page part is not visible (this is going to be the binding page, so I did not paint it).
The reverse side contains my Quirky Birds. Hope you liked my little birdies.

Lifebook 2013
Lifebook 2013

Lifebook 2013 Episode 5 June 4, 2013 |

Finished some new lessons of the lifebook series. Still 6 weeks behind, but I started with 13 weeks behind so……catching up. Not all the lessons turned out the way I wanted.
The lesson for week 4 is from Dion Dior. Black paper and white crayons or pensils with something that looks like scales of light. Did not find this very easy to do. But as usual I will show even my not so pretty work (most of the times somebody else will disagree).

Lifebook 2013

Week 5 lesson teacher is Kelly Hoernig and is a Game Board
My lifebook journey as a game with goals and obstacles.

Lifebook 2013

And the last picture for this blogpost is: Week 6 lesson is about courage by Tamara Laporte
With masks and stencils a full body figure and an animal representing your courage
Since I usely do not plan much in advance, my girl ended up in a strange pose on top of the lion
But… with the text that came up inside my head I really like the page

Going now!
Still have 6 lessons to catch up with ( sounds like hard work)
And lots of other things to do also, life is not all lifebook
Bye bye

Lifebook 2013

Lifebook 2013 episode 6 June 26, 2013 |

The lesson for week 22 was a swap of two ATC cards with a fellow lifebooker
My first ATC’s ever. The theme was stardust. I found inspiration in a piece of acrylic sheet with glitter on it and made some new sheets. Take two acrylic sheet with gel medium and some paint. When still wet put the painted sides together, press and take apart. This gives the wrinkles
Sprinkle some glitter in the wet gelmedium, ,maybe put together again and then let it dry.

From one of the sheets I cut two pieces the size of an ATC card. Attached this to a background paper painted with silver paint. Used some wooden birds and butterflies painted with gelpens and other markers.
And my final cards looked like this

They went across the ocean, all the way to San Diego in Sunny California

Lifebook 2013
Lifebook 2013

Lifebook 2013 Episode 7June 30, 2013 |

Week 11: The Good , the Bad and the Ugly a workshop by Michelle Kral (MitsiB)
A lesson of getting in touch with your dark side. I am learning to be messy and untidy and this lesson really helped a lot.

It is a double page, folded page. The first picture is the front. Love my ugly portrait.

When you open it you get a popup page with a rainbow, yourself and a heart. I actually messed up the page, for I used paint which dissolved when I went over it, so I had to make a new layer (first covered it with clear gesso to be sure)


Lifebook 2013
Lifebook 2013

Week 23 Honouring your feelings a workshop by Tamara Laporte.

Write how you feel and cover it up. Use an animal in the picture as your guardian. Love bunnies and used a magazin picture and painted over it. Faces are still not my strong point and with that small mouth, hmm. She doesn’t look very happy does she

Lifebook 2013

This was it for this week. Next week part 2 of these Lifebook 2013 lessons.

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