Crazy Owls

voor de nederlandstaligen: een uitgebreider artikel en in het nederlands kun je vinden in mijn gratis creatieve groep:  Om te lezen moet je wel eerst even lid worden.

Another large canvas was finised 6 years after the start. I call it Crazy Owls. If you look at the last picture you will understand why.

The title of this blog could be the evolution of a canvas number 3, but I thought it is time for a different title. For this canvas it took 6 years to finish. I will share some pictures and what I still know that I did making it.

The start in oktober 2015:

No idea why I started this canvas, could be an idea from a course or something. Anyway I started making an abstract canvas. Layers of paint, spray ink, finger painting and more.

November 4 2015

I added pieces of acrylic skins I collected, together with small pieces of tissuepaper.

Continued in september 2017

En then a family of crazy owls appeared on the canvas. Can you still see it is the same canvas (imaging turning it upside down, then you should recognize some parts at least).

It looks like I added some gesso or maybe white acrylic paint, before adding the owls.

June 2021

Finally the canvas after being stored again for 4 years is finishing. More layers with paint, markers, gold foil, paint spatters, stenceling and more.

I call this finished. Here are my Crazy Owls.

Just one more large canvas is staring at me to get finished. So maybe soon....

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