Blast from the past: Angels among us from 2015

This blast from the past post is from Angels among us, an ecourse organised by Kara Bullock. A series of mixed media art lessons with various teachers.

The first week lesson was by Kara Bullock and was a painting of a Frida Kahlo face with wings.

I started on a cheap piece of paper to practice the face form and other things. I also painted it for practice and really liked the result. Too bad it was such cheap paper. I decided to glue the paper to an old canvas (40 by 30 cm) and added some extra things to the background. Here she is, you can still see the paper edges in the last picture, and the fold of the paper a bit. There are also a few uneven things in her cheeks because of the old canvas that is beneath it. Really a unique painting 😉 .

Angels wk1a3
Angels wk1a2
Frida: mixed media made on old paper and added to an old stretched canvas with acrylic paint, pencil, stamps and markers.  
SIZE: 15.75 x 12 x 0.6 inch

I started a new painting using the same face and now with wings like in the lesson on a large canvas of 50 by 50 cm. For this one the start of the canvas was collage papers as you can still see by the uneven parts in the final painting. Here she is:

Angels wk1b

This is my result from the week 2 lesson by Stacha from the Daydreamerie

A watercolor angel on watercolor paper. Challenging to make, I don't use watercolor that much, but loved the result. This is total watercolor, normal pencil and a bit of acrylic ink spatter and nothing else.

20151012_103149 - kopie

And the result of my week 3 lesson from Brandi Dayton
This is a painting made on woodfibre board of 30 by 38 cm I had lying around.

20151006_200959 - kopie

This angel is from a great lesson by Angela Kennedy. A watercolor angel with gesso wings


The next 3 drawings/paintings where never published in a blog post. This is from a lesson by Muriel Stegers.

Angels wk5 (7)

This is from a lesson by Angela Kennedy, where she was inspired by the lesson from Brandi.

Angels wk8

Another lesson by Brandi. No angels but birds with wings.

Angels wk9

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