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Little Books: Making and recycling paper in the process

Making little books is a fun thing to do. For me it is also a way of recycling and a fun thing as a little creative gift. I have been making my own art journals for years now. Usely they are between A4 to A6 size with thick mixed media or aquarel paper. And also a lot of journals with underpaper or gelliprinted experiments. If you missed those blogposts you can read it here. And talking about small. From left overs of my underpaper journals I made some tiny ones. Read more about those here.

And really these are simple, easy to make booklets. Not hours taking really fancy more difficult bookbinding. Although I would love that I am usely to lazy for that. So easy peasy is my way.

art journal
some of my art journals
tiny underpaper journals
tiny underpaper journals

But I also make a lot of little books you can use as small art journals.

A lot of these books I give away.It can be really simple little booklets like these wich I made for a group meeting. A tiny colorfull art journal where pages have different colors and the binding is very simple, one stich and a thicker colorfull tread for fun.

little books
little books

I also made some little taq booklets. I used a few tags, added decorated paper and a ribbon closure and voila. Little tag journals. These where also given to members of a creative course group.


A bunch of collected tabpapers from FLOW magazine where used to make whole pile of colorfull little books. Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse and they can be used to draw or write.

Isn't it a fun collection.

top view of two booklets
top view of two booklets

Or just smal books using a mix of papers, like these once. I used lined paper that was smaller than the blank paper to create these booklets


Hope I could inspire you a little to make your own books. Do you make your own books or art journals. Leave me a comment. Would love to see what you make.


For the Dutch: Woon je dicht bij Leidschendam en heb je zelf ook een berg papier om boekjes van te maken. Of wil je gewoon leren hoe je dit simpel en makkelijk kan doen. Kom dan gezellig een keer langs. Stuur me een berichtje via de contactpagina.

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