Playing with flower drawings

Playing with Flower drawings made in the evening:

I usely sit in the evening with paper and a pen or pencil and just draw. Make a lot of doodles that way. Most of the time I make line doodles that end up in abstract work or imaginary animals. I will show you those in a later blogpost. But this time I made some random imaginary flowers.Played with flower drawings to show what you can do with those.

How I made them:

Using a red fineliner to play with flowershapes. When they were finished I decided to color them with copic and ecoline markers.

flower drawings
flower drawings

Using the drawings as collage elements:

You could use these drawings by themselves to glue to background paper to make greeting cards. You can also use the as collage elements also for art cards or even art journal pages or canvases.

I decided to cut them out. And here I show you what the effect is if you use these flowers on various backgrounds. I left them loose so i could reuse them again to show the effect of a colored background.

The middle picture is just on colored paper and the other pictures are the effect of a painted background, or a painted page out of an old book

flower drawings
flower paintings

For the final examples I made examples of greeting cards with a flower pot. The flower pot could use some finishing touches, but this is just to show what you can do with it.

So you see even some simple drawings can make cut original greeting cards.

What are you going to make?

flower drawings
flower drawings
flower drawings

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