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I sent my first art mail to my new mail group. On an intiative of Jenny de Bode we formed a group of four art makers. Jenny has been part of an art mail group herself for years and sent out an email to her followers to ask if there where more people who liked to do this, so I signed up for this.

Starting with underpaper:

I started with folded underpaper for my very first mail. Underpaper is the paper you use to cover you're workspace. I always use this and in time it will be covered with paint, notes, stains from cleaning stamps, stencils and more. This gives a special abstract surface you will never get in another way. I usely cut up this underpaper to make little art journals.

In this little video, I made a few years ago, you can see one of my older underpaper journals.

I usely take one of my homemade underpaper journals with me on vacation. On the nice abstract surface I then add pictures, drawings, quotes and more.

In this blogpost you can see some finished pages

When I was thinking about what to make, I had tree folded sheets lying around and thought it was fun to use that for my very first art mail. So for my art mail I started with these already folded, glued and cut pieces of underpaper. In these pictures you can see the paper before adding anything else. In the first picture you can see the outside and the second picture is the inside of the paper folded open.


Inside Adding collage:

In my stash of magazin clippings I found a picture of a tree and cut that up and glued parts to the inside of the cards (first picture). Then I added some tissuepaper with text on it (second picture)

You can see that all three cards are going to be simular, but slightly different.


Outside: Adding collage and text

On the front I added some tissuepaper with text, like the one I used for the inside. Also I found some tissuepaper with stamps and or buildings. It looked like a stamp on the front this way.

With markers and paint I added the wordt ART and mail.


Inside: Adding paint and markers:

I used a variety of markers, paint and oil pastels to finish the inside. I really like the quote:

EARTH without ART is just EH

I thought it would be a perfect quote for this first time.


That was the making of my first art mail, they are already sent to my mail art group. Thinking about what I will make for next time. That will probably be very different. I go from clean neat inkpen drawings to almost junk journal and everything in between, because I like it all.


  1. Jenny on August 2, 2021 at 9:54 pm

    Leuk Carla om je proces bij het maken te volgen.

    • Carla on August 3, 2021 at 7:17 am

      Dankjewel. Bedankt voor het leuke initiatief.

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