Blast from the past: Swap cards inspiration from 2014


Blast from the past is a series of blogposts where I will make a compilation of old blogpost about one subject. The idea is to clean up old blogposts (they will be removed from the website after making a blast post) and also show you my old work again. I will post one blast of the past post each month. Hope you like this.

This swap post serves as swap cards inspiration and is a compilation of swap post I made in 2014.  The original blog posts are no longer available on my website. Most of the text is still from the original blog posts.

These swaps where organized by Loes Vork for the group Creatief Contact from Jenny de Bode. Every three months we would get a color and make one or more 15by 15 cm art cards inspired by that color. These where sent to Loes and she organised the swap with all the other swappers.

If you like to see more, older post about these kind of swaps are found here:

Silver Swap January 28, 2014

Another swap for Creatief Contact and this time the color is silver. A great color choice for the winter months, so I made some icy pages. Silver sounds as an easy color but turned out to be not so simple. For the background I used silver acrylic paint applied with a gel plate. This brand of paint I used does not give good coverage on a gelli plate which is great for making backgrounds

Then I added magazine pictures and more silver paint and markers. Some cards have gesso stencilling on them, or I used stamps, stickers or an image transfer. A real mixed media project using all kinds of materials and techniques.
These are the 15 by 15 cm cards I made and sent to Loes Vork who collects and sents the cards to the other swappers.


And these are the cards I got from the other creative swappers

Thanks Esther, Henny, Sylvia, Helma, Carine, Marjo, Mariella, Annette
And Loes Vork thanks for the altered bookpage and again for dividing all the cards


Black and white is the color (or is that no color) swap May 8, 2014

A black and white swap this time for the 15 by 15 cm swap from Creatief Contact again. This time the color is black and white. I had an idea to use coloring pages I had lying around for this.

I painted paper with black gesso and cut them in the right size. Then used coloring pages from the magazin FLOW to make collage elements and glued this onto the background. As a final touch I added some extra black or white lines with markers.

At home I made the black gesso backgrounds and took these and the coloring pages with me on vacation to a cottage in Drenthe. There in Drenthe, at the diningroom table, I finished all my pages.

black and white swap

I made 17 of these 15 by 15 card in total and I am showing them all to you in a slide show.

And as a finishing touch I show you the swap cards I got from the other swappers.

black and white swap

Red Swap August 8, 2014

It was time for the 15 by 15 cm swap again, with the color red, not my favorite color but...
I had a calender from a Chinese restaurant and painted that red and made diecut flowers.
For the background of my cards, I glued pieces of red paper to 15by15 cards and gave them a thin red paint layer. Then I added the flowers to the background.

2014 Rood (4)

I also made a second series of cards:

2014 Rood (6)

And these are the cards I got back (one of them is totally felted). Thanks to all the makers: Helma, Henny, Esther, Corrie, Beppie, Mariëlla, Hester, Marjo, Sylvia, Sanny, Hanneke, Cindy, Nina and last but not least Loes Vork (who is the organizer and divider of all these cards)

2014 Rood (1)

White swap, December 29, 2014

The last 15 by 15 cm swap from Creatief Contact and Loes Vork's blog was a while ago, but I am late with posting. This time the color was white.

I used old wall paper from sample books for my decoration. And stencils with gesso and white puffy paint. Also did some cards with only stencils and puffy paint.

(the pictures are not of the best quality, but they are all I have)

2014 Wit (2)
2014 Wit (3)

And these cards I got back from the other swappers: Thank you Nina, Beppie, Marjo, Corrie, Cindy, Esther, Sylvia, Helma and Mariëlla

2014 Wit (1)