Paint your heart and Soul

Too much ecourses

Yes another year and again I have to many ecourses. Why do I do that? Well I love to be challenged and this pushes me into production. Most of the time that is. I have already decided wich ecourses I like best and one is Paint your heart and Soul organised by Olga Furman. These classes have portret lessons and landscape and flower lessons. A nice mix to be creative with. The first month of the year I did not do much and therefore I also still have to do those lessons. So in this blog I will start with the week 4 lesson of Toni Burt.

Paint your heart and Soul lesson for week 4 by Toni Burt:

For this lesson I used old music paper, white gouache and different colors of bister. Her "wings" are real dried leaves.

The music paper in the background is from two Dutch children songs: Hoedje van Papier (little hat of paper) and Wie zijn hoed is dat? (who's hat is it). I thought it was fun to give the lady a little hat of paper because of those lyrics and also the visible text : veel te klein (much to small)

The result is this lady with a paper hat.

paint your heart and soul

Week 5 lesson from Jeanne-Marie Webb

In this lesson we made portrets with graphite sticks. I had bought these some time ago, but didn't use them much. So now they came to good use for this lesson. At first I just made a very quick portret just to try them.

Then I made a series of better portrets. Well.....better. Portrets are not my thing. I love to make them a little quircky, but I still do not have real photorealistic skills. But this was a lot of fun.

paint your heart and soul
paint your heart and soul

Then these portraits where cut up (had some difficulty with that, because I really liked them) and a big art journal spread was made with the parts as collage.

Some other collage and more graphite drawing was added and I called this:

All of Me

paint your heart and soul

Week 6 with Pia Rom

This was a paint over collage lesson (mentioned paint over collage in my last blog post) and I didn't pay that much attention to her real lesson and went my own way about it.

I used pictures from a WNF magazin and glued those to the page. Then I added paint over alle the pictures, sometimes covering it all and sometimes only partially. You can see pictures of the collage material and the final spread.

The idea was to paint a story. My title for the piece was: Bird Watching.

paint your heart and soul
paint your heart and soul

That is it for now. Hope to make a lot more in the next weeks.