New year, new art classes

A new year has begun and with it new art classes. This art class junkie has more art classes again than she can handle but they are all downloadable so can always do them later. This year I am going to combine classes and do more of my own thing with them and we will see what comes out of it.
Last year my words for that year where Focus & Finish. Focus did not work well for me I got to much distrated but finish I did do some things with.
I finished some of the classes I started, but then again some I did not even do one lesson. Hmmm.

From a lesson of Monique Coppens in Love Art Happy Live ecourse from bloknoteacademy I used a quote and made this page:





















This year I choose Growth. I want to grow, as a person, as an artist and also make some grow in the number of blogposts, followers etc.
Just general growth in all directions.
The first lesson for the class Creative Jumpstart 2016  from Nathalie Kalbach was a Matisse inspired lesson by Rae Missigman

I made this page and added my word of the year: GROWTH




















See you soon with more playfull work I hope.