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A busy crea week and Found Poetry Friday

How I wish I was flourishing, but it was not one of my happiest weeks so tried to do a lot of crea things to brighten things up

But I was in an artsy flower mode and this week I did more art than the week before so... even though it was not one of my better weeks:
There was a lot of art

First my flowery things. Effy Wild has a may challenge that is all about flowers. First I made a painting on a canvas board with flowers
Like how it turned out (someone else liked it too, because it was sold)

full bloom

Also made a journal page in a large ikea album for the challenge. In this album I put down left over paint to make a background
On one of those pre made backgrounds I glued old wallpaper flowers (big ones) and gave it some more color with paint and markers
Maybe not the brightest and happiest page but.........flourishing


And  then I went to a boekselen afternoon. Boekselen is a dutch word by Loes Vork ( ) invented for  "altered books" (working in and with old bookpages). It was in a library in Oudewater and there was a busy crowd of children and adults doing the free workshops.


And I went for a visit to my choir friend Gerda who is still not really healthy and we played with oil pastels and lampoil
A technique showed by Inge Nieuwenkamp at My oil pastels did not work as well as hers but we had fun playing


Every week has a friday, so there was also a found poetry friday poem.Used a background with dylusion spray stencil, one leftover from another project. This time it is a bilingual poem with good advice
I will give translations in total dutch and total english down below

The poem                                total dutch                                 total english
Vaarwel perfectionisme           Vaarwel perfectionisme            Farewell perfectionism
Happy ideas all the time          Altijd vrolijke ideeen                 Happy ideas all the time

Every moment                           Elk moment                               Every moment
is een nieuw begin                    is een nieuw begin                     is a new beginning

de beste resultaten met            de beste resultaten met             The best results with
playtime creations                    speeltijd creaties                         playtime creations

found poetry

This week I also tried to paint my crea room with glitter blue paint. Well unintentionally
There are some bottles of a cheap brand were the screwtop breaks. Some kind of plastic breakdown and.... when you shake them like I did when not holding the cap.. Then you have a somewhat arterial spray in your room. Most of it on my clothing but also some "nice" sprays across the room. There are still a lot of blue spots in my room left because cleaning did not work very well

Well that's all for this week. Hope we both have a happy playful new week without accidents