Hello, my name is Carla and I am so glad to see you here on my website.
My blogs are mostly in English and a lot of pages are available in an English version. Some parts are for Dutch followers.

My Creative Life:

I have always been a creative busy person. Just love to create and empty my head. Such a great way to relax and get lives problems out of the way.

As long as I can remember I am making things. I have multiple interests and have done all kinds of art, needlework and much more. At Christmas or Birthdays I have surprised my friends and family with handmade gifts. Always a special personal touch. Just have to create something.

Around 2010 I shifted my focus completely to art journaling and mixed media. So nowadays I have a room packed with art supplies, art journals and other art work. Loads of art material and stacks of paper to be used to make cards, mixed media,  art journals or other little books can be found in my studio.

I still use my creative techniques to make cards for all ocassions. Spending a lot of my time in my studio making art work and with this website I will let you enjoy my creations and my ideas.

How to connect:

Feel free to connect, comment and follow my creative life on this website or via one of the other links on the home page. The best way to follow my activities is to follow me on Instagram.

My privacy policy can be found here and at the bottom on every page of the website.

I do not have an english newsletter. If you want to ask me a question, please use the question form.

Thanks for being here, I love to connect with other creative all over the world.
Hopefully I can inspire you to create and clear your head. Everyone is an artist and creator.

Here are some links to groups I am a member of:

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