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Playing with “Paper Making”

Last week I played  with paper making. Have a number of books about it but never started
Basically because I don't have the right material. I was cleaning up my crea room a bit and found a stack of paperparts from old books (most of it yellow by age)
I had saved them for paper making so decided to start by making small pieces and putting them in a bucket with water. And there they stood for a day or so

I knew that for real paper making the parts should be smaller, but....... almost decided to toss it all in the litter bin....but.... Tried a little experiment. I took a embossing folder and my Cuttlebug

paper making
paper making

Took the pieces of paper and made a layer in the embossing folder. Pressed out most of the water by hand. And wrapped it in paper towel and ran it trough the Cuttlebug (you have to play with the plates and thickness to make this work ( and will be a little wet)

Then carefull opened the folder and took out the paper layer. It was very loose still
And still wet I decided to carefully give both sides a coat of  water based  acrylic varnish and then let it dry.

While this was drying I thought that for paper maché I used wallpaper glue
And mixed some glue in with the paper and then in the folder through the machine
Well this last thing was not very succesfull. Because of the glue everything was sticky and hard to get out of the folder. I managed to make something out of it and got everything cleaned up, but not a good idea

And ...........tada this is the result

The wallpaper glue butterfly impressed paper and my two pieces of paper with the acrylic varnish layer. One with letters and one with music notes. This is such a fun technique and don't you just love the look of them?

paper making
paper making
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