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Moonshine 2014 januari

I took me a while but I finally managed to post some pictures of the first lessons of Moonshine 2014
This is also a class from Effy Wild were I also do Book of Days
Last year I signed up for Moonshine Mother and did not finish any of the lessons because of time problems
This year I still have enough time but apparently not enough energy to keep up with all the lessons
My Moonshine lessons this year are going in an IKEA album I have lying around for a long time
So I decided it is time to use it
this is what the front cover looked like

Did a bit of coloring to the front which looked like a snowflake and now it is more mandala like
Not sure if I keep it like this but for now it will do

The first lesson the door into 2014 and my word for this year:

Here is the closed door

And the open door
I am not going to make real paintings so I did my full moon painting also in the album
The full moon of januari is the Wolf Moon so I painted a howling wolf in the moon
There is more glitter in real life in this page
 That’s it for today, see you next time