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Book of Days 2014 week 5+ 6 +10

A lot of Book of Days 2014 pages where made. Here are the lessons of week 5 + 6 + 10

week 5: What Feeds Your Soul
Well my soul is fed  by being creative and by singing in popchoir. So this is my page

book of days

Week 6: Mandala making
It has been ages since I made a mandala and this one on the black background was so fun to make
Felt really centered and looked for a quote that represented that feeling. And found a quote by Lao Tzu

book of days

Week 10: Rest in what's right
A face on a bookpage and a background with bookpages. I was feeling totally chaotic when I made this, so the background is really busy. Busy with finding peace in chaos

book of days
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