Love Art Happy Life ecourse wk1-5

Happy Valentine's Day!!

What could be better than a blogpost about Love Art Happy Life ecourse on Valentine's day. You can still join this ecourse, just go here
I shared a little bit about this ecourse in a previous blogpost
What I love about this ecourse is:

  1. Short lessons so less time to watch and more to be creative yourself
  2. A bit of art history of famous artists
  3. Create your own art inspired by famous artists
  4. Great group of teachers
  5. Fun lessons with playfull techniques

From all the classes I am following this year this is the only one where I am not behind. So hurray for me.

Here are my results so far:
Week 1 lesson by Marieke Blokland and inspired by Picasso
wk1 (4)wk1 (3)wk1 (1)
Week 2 lesson by Marlene Meier-van Niekerk and inspired by Klimt
Week 3 lesson by Andrea Gomoll inspired by Kandinsky
I like to do this lesson again later, because I did not follow Andrea's fun lesson at all and did my own Kandinsky inspired piece
wk3 (1)
Week 4 lesson by Marieke Blokland and inspired by Matissewk4
Week 5 lesson by Marsha Valk inspired by Sonia Delaunay

These are my lessons so far, hope to show more soon.