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Lifebook 2014 week 3 and 13

Finished Lifebook's week 3 lesson by Carla Sonheim
Well finished? This was a lesson with oneliners, blobanimals, flowers from scraps, pocket pages to hold the cards and found poems. A lot of playfull things indeed.

I had a lot of trouble with the oneliners, strange animals, crooked flowerpots, childlike houses. The blobanimals and flowers with scraps are fun

Also made a page with two pockets to hold the cards and decorated the pockets with the found poems and two small cards with scrap flowers

carla sonheim
carla sonheim

The week 13 lesson by  Lesley Riley
a page with an image transfer using TAP transfer paper
I did not have that paper so I used T-shirt transfer paper to transfer the image to the page
Used a cut-out of this picture I made in GAIA Zoo last year december from the Lookout of the group

A bit in a gloomy mood this page turned out a little dark with a positive message: A quote from E.B. White

leslie riley