For the ecourse JOT from bloknoteacademy we have a module about printing. Different printing techniques are discussed, one of them is using the gelliplate to make art journal pages. For the following spread I did not follow a lesson from JOT. That is why I call this JOT inspired and I am sharing some of the proces. I used a small (postcard size) gelli plate to make a background.

Patterns where made with all kinds of shapes from my junk drawer. I have paper shapes, die cut foam, paper doilies and more in this small drawer. All waiting to be used. For the JOT lessons this year I am really trying to use up things I have lying around. So far I have not bought anything new, just used what I have.

For the background I only use a few matching colors and printed with the gelliplate until the whole background was covered.

Then I used a paper with a cutout of a butterfly as a stencil on the gelliplate and added several of these butterflies to the page. Added some more shapes to the pages using small art foamies that I first stamped on the gelliplate to get a less crisp print.

By then my pages looked like this:


Then I added a paint covered paper doily, a painted paper hand, and some more collage elements. I added color and outlines to some of the butterflies and the stamped shapes. Found a quote on the internet that I found to be matching with this page and added that.

And this is the final result of my spread.