Making fun drawings with flowers

I was thinking about a new idea for a spring theme and thought what about flowers and was just drawing something and ended up with a flower like figure with faces. I call these funny flowers.

Made just a little drawing with a simple felttip pen.
I thought it would be fun to make all kinds of flowery things with eyes, mouths or just whole faces.

So I started drawing with a fountain pen. Then decided that it would be nice to color these drawings.

Since the fountainpen was water soluble I used colored pencils to color them in.

Could not get enough of these drawings, so eventually I made 5 of them.  This is so much fun.

Go grap paper, pencils, pens, paint or whatever and make your own flower faces.

Would love to see what you are thinking about these.

Crazy Flowers
20170311_102833 - kopie