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Art101 Day 75 ——-Finish

Warning, this blog post is very very long because I finished the challenge. Was still behind and decided to finish my artsy card challenge this weekend and move on to other art work, like finishing lessons from ecourses and do other things than making cards.

I started this challenge on June 1. Make 101 artworks in 101 days. A lot of the other lovely ladies who started this with me called it making art for 101 days. Some changed it in making 30 paintings in 101 days. But we had a lively growing group. And we are continuing with making art.

Anyway like I said I am getting tired of making cards and want to do other artwork for a now. On day 37 and 38 I made 2 cards a day and counting them with the 25 cards I will show here today. That makes the final count 101 cards ( 47 A6 format and 54 A5 format).

So for now here are the last 25 cards from this 3 month challenge (official end date is September 9).

Bit of a nonsense to keep calling them Day… but that is the way I started the challenge so I thought I keep that up even though al the coming cards are made in 3 days.

Day 75: Fall I

The first of a series of cards made with a part of a gelliplate printed paper.

 Day76: Fall II

Day77: Puzzled

Day78: Jump

Day79: Puzzle of the fall

A collage of leftover gelliplate prints on a colored background

Day80: Have Fun

There is also a serie of this kind of cards. Simple drawing on paper, colored with posca pens and glued to a background of a painted babywipe (use these to remove dylusions or paint from other paintings in progress and dry them and use them again)

Day81: Fall III

Again a gelliplate printed part

Here is the original print

 Card 1 made of this print

Day 82: Fall IV

Day83: Swirl I

A page with black and white print of marble effect was used for a plastic transfer and glued to a slightly dylusion colored background. Added swirls with posca pens on top of that.

Day 84: Swirl II


Day 85: Bloom V

Another drawing on top of a babywipe

Day 86: Butterfly

Also a drawing on top of a babywipe

Day 87: Enchanted Forest

A card made with leftovers of gelliplate printed papers

Day 88: Radiant

Playing with paint leftover on a paintbrush and a leftover piece of paper. By adding some lines with a gelpen gave this bird.

Day89: Flora I

Played with paint on a piece of paper. Cut it into two cards. Added a few flowers with a marker.


Day90: Flora II

The second card made from the same background as card Day 89

Day 91: Bloom VI

Another drawing glued to an old babywipe

Day 92: Fall V

Dylusions and stamping with a plastic leaf

Day 93: The artist

Found a piece of painted foam (not sure anymore what I used to color it, some kind of ink I think) and turned it into an artist by adding some lines mostly with gelatos and a acrylpaint hat


Day 94- 97: Flower Frenzy I – IV

Was working on an old Book of Days lesson with a background of paper napkins on neocolor background with pearlescent medium and made a piece of paper with the leftovers. Added some acrylic paint to that background and used that as an almost finished background for Card 94-97

Just added a bit of extra color with a gelpen




Day 98 and 99: Roses I and II

A ink colored whiteboard wipe glued to atlas paper. On top I added some white acrylic paint stenciled roses



And that together with the extra cards of Day 37 and 38 makes 101 cards made in 3 months.



And now on to some other artsy adventures