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Art101 Cards day 75 ——-Finish

Was still behind and decided to finish my artsy card challenge this weekend and move on to other art work, like finishing lessons from ecourses and do other things than making cards.

I started this challenge on June 1. Make 101 artworks in 101 days. A lot of the other lovely ladies who started this with me called it making art for 101 days. Some changed it in making 30 paintings in 101 days. But we had a lively growing group. And we are continuing with making art.

Anyway like I said I am getting tired of making cards and want to do other artwork now. On day 37 and 38 I made 2 cards a day and together with the cards I show today I that makes the final count 101 cards ( 47 A6 format and 54 A5 format).

art 101 cards

So for now here are the last 25 cards from this 3 month challenge (official end date is September 9). Bit of a nonsense to keep calling them Day... but that is the way I started the challenge so I thought I keep that up even though all the coming cards are made in 3 days.

I will add the pictures in a slide show, to minimize the length of this blogpost. Together with the extra cards of Day 37 and 38 this makes 101 cards made in 3 months.

YEAH I DID IT....and on to some other artsy adventures.