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Thirty Days of Abstracts, finish

I finished the thirty days of abstracts challenge that was initiated by Tracy Verdugo on Instagram. Yeah I did it. It was a lot of fun to make these small abstract art works on my postcardsize canvasboards. So now I have a whole pile of them. Just made this fun picture of all of them on the floor (makes another cool abstract) without caring for the orientation and day order.


It was also great to see all the work made by other artists. If you want to them just use this #thirtydaysofabstracts hashtag.

These small postcardsize canvases make great original cards to send in an envelop for all kinds of occasions. All of them,  except the day 11, 13 (this is a large canvas and will be added to My Art page) and day 21, can be bought at €4 each (postage not included).

Here is a link list of all the blogpost containing the pictures:


thirty-days-of-abstracts-the next seven days

thirty-days-of-abstracts-day 15 t/m 20

thirty-days-of-abstracts-day 21 t/m 26

These are my day 27 t/m 30 abstracts: