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21 Day challenge – Out of the Box day 15 -21

Here are the final days of this challenge:

Day 15:Made a better face using oil bars and oil pastels

Dag 15Dag 16:Redid the hair
Dag 16 (5)









Dag 17:Added glass beads and something else in the background
Dag 17 (1)Dag 18:Used embossing powder on various parts of the background and the edge of the dress
Dag 18 (1)









Dag 19: Melted wax crayons in the background
20160611_114159Dag 20: Added paint to the edges and a little more to the background









Dag 21:

Gave the whole painting a matte varnish layer and the dress an extra gloss varnish layer

Dag 21 - kopie