On this page you can see some of my art on canvas, wood or art cards. I love making things but I don't want to keep everything. As an experimenting mixed media artist I don't have one specific style, material or size to work with. I love the process of making, but don't have room to store or exhibit all the canvases.

Until now I have sold most of my work through special Facebook sites, but if you like something you see you can buy it from me directly. Take a look below at some of the work. If you follow me on social media and see something you like, you can always inquire if it is for sale. Nothing is priced, if there is something you like, make me an offer.

This portfolio contains pictures of my art mostly made on canvas, wood or board. No art journal pages or books that I make are shown here.

What can you see on this page:

  1. A slide show with my art for sale on canvas, wood or board.
  2. A slide show for inspiration with art of which the originals have been sold in the past.

More Info by mail:

I have limited info of these art works in the slide show. More info can be given by email. If you see something you like sent me an email with name of the art work you like and/or the price you are willing to pay (at the moment I take Paypal payments only or cash if you take it home yourself).

View in real life:

If you live nearby you can also make an appointment to see my work in real life. Seeing a painting in real life can make a difference. And if you are buying saves on shipment costs.

Also if you life nearby and you are inspired by an art work and would like to make something yourselves, just sent me an email. Mixed media art is never something that is easy to copy (and who would want that) but I can learn you techniques to make your own unique art work.

Slide show with art for sale (more will be added later, so keep coming back for more):

Controling the slide show:
1.i in the left corner gives more info, like size and material
2.the arrow in square in the right corner gives full screen the slide show or scroll to a specific painting using the arrows or tumbs

Inspiration Slide show with art of which the original is SOLD: