TOP 2000 Blog Party day 7

DAY 7: december 31 2017


The final day of this years Top 2000 blog party. Again fabulously organised by Marit Barentsen from Maritspaperworld. You can see al the entries from all the different artists in the blog post on her blog. So many people joined this year. I myself did not have much time because of all the activities from the popchoir I am a member of. That is why i decided to make only simple and small pages.

Here are my final ones for this year.

Nr 31: Master of Puppets by Metallica

A collage on a painted background with the title and lyrics made with markers.

And my very very final page

nr 25 Africa by Toto

A collage on a black gesso background, with red brown modelling paste and blue acrylic paint and lyrics with a white and red marker.

Hope you enjoyed this years pages.


Wishing all of you a wonderfull new year with lots of creativity and fun

See you in 2018

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