Top 2000 blog party 2018: Day 6

 Day 6 of the Top 2000 blog party 2018:

It is already day 6 of the top 2000 blog party 2018 (missed what this is about check this intro blogpost). I made only one page for today and this will most likely be the last page for this blog party. To busy with singing and other this these last days of the year. But I managed to make 9 pages in the busy end of the year weeks. So I am happy.

My song for today december 30 is: nr 318 White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

I found a magazin drawing of a white rabbit, added a clock, teacups and some colors to make it an Alice in Wonderland experience. I really like how this small page turned out.

top 2000 blog party

This will most likely be the last blogpost of this year.

Wishing all of you all the best for the next year and I hope I can inspire your creativity even more in 2019.

My word of the Year will be : CREATE. The many ways in which I will do that will become clear in the new year. Hope to see you then.

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