Top 2000 blog party 2018: Day 4

 Day 4 of the Top 2000 blog party 2018:

It is already day 4 of the top 2000 blog party 2018. I didn't have time for day 3, so just moved on to day 4. Is this the first post you read about this, then go to my intro blogpost to read all about this Top 2000 blog party, organised by Marit Barentsen of  Marit's Paperworld.

My first song for today december 28 is: nr 1139 Pak maar mijn hand by Nick en Simon

A simple page with blue paint, white marker and an arm from a magazin.

top 2000 blog party

My second selected song for today is: nr 926 Belle Helene by Doe maar

The titel of this song brought me to the ice cream variation that is called Poire Belle Helene. I made a drawing with a bowl of pears and chocolate sauce. Although I must admit that they do not look so tasty as they should. 😉 So here is my song inspired Belle Helene.

top 2000 blog party

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