Top 2000 blog party 2018: Day 2

 Day 2 of the Top 2000 blog party 2018:

Another day of the Top 2000 blog party 2018. In my previous blog post you can read all about this Top 2000 blog party, organised by Marit Barentsen of  Marit's Paperworld.

My first song for today december 26 is: nr 1737 Kalverliefde by Robert Long

I painted some hearts with red paint and used watercolor to color the rest of the background. Added a cows face from a magazin and added words with a pen.

top2000 blog party

My second selected song for today is: nr 1626 Apache by the Shadows

I used a nip-pen with india ink only for this drawing of an indian.

top2000 blog party

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