Thirty Days of Abstracts

I joined the Instagram Challenge by Tracy Verdugo to post thirty days of abstracts. Just follow this #thirtydaysofabstracts to see what everyone is doing.

I could just post pictures of old work. I have lots of abstract pictures, some of first layers of other work and sometimes a finished abstract work.

But to make it a real challenge I decided to make a small abstract art work each day. I have a whole pile of postcardsize canvasses still lying around. Bought these to use as a small workshop on an art market. Unfortunately that whole day fell in the water, literally. So I still have all those little canvasses.

So each day I try to make a little abstract art work using all kinds of materials. Sometimes only acrylic paint and sometimes collage, paint markers and more.

These small postcardsize canvases make great original cards to send in an envelop for all kinds of occasions.

These are the first 7:

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