The Secrets of Layered Monoprinting workshop

On March 12 we went to another workshop:

The Secrets of Layered Monoprinting by Birgit Koopsen at the Craftorij.

We played with making layered monoprints using a gelliplate. I was having a cold that day and not working optimal and spent the next three days in bed.

But made a lot of fun pages. Here are all my pages from this day. The originals and ghost prints made with the leftovers. When printing with a gelli plate you always have leftover paint on your plate. If you apply a thin layer of fresh paint over this and then pull a print those leftovers come off and give what is called a ghost print. These ghostprints are usely even better than the original. The fun is that you never know exactly what the result is.

This is something I am going to do more. Thanks to Birgit for the fun class.

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